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Slate Outlook

On this beautiful Saturday morning, we have about ten pitching options to work with today. Unfortunately, the highest-rated pitchers only have a 6.7 rating which makes this a dangerous day. More of the same tomorrow, unfortunately.

Today’s Streamer (Under 30% rostered)

Our pick for today is going to be Taylor Hearn. Hearn does have some strikeout upside but my faith in him as a pitcher isn’t very strong. But he does face the Oakland Athletics and since we don’t like any of the pitchers throwing today we have to go with the best matchup.

Deep League Streamer (Under 15% rostered)

Taylor Hearn.

Shallow League Streamer (Under 50% rostered)

Taylor Hearn.

Future Picks

Sunday 7/24: Ross Stripling @ BOS

Weekly Hitter Projections

Want to know who to stream or who to start for hitters? Josh St. Marie has you covered and his hitter projections have already been updated for this up and coming week!

Hitter Projections

Streamer Chart

Please make sure to check out our wonderful Streamer Chart! It will show you all streaming options for the week as well as ratings for each one, this way you can find the best option available for your league. I also want to note that if you love the Streamer Chart and wish you could see all starting pitchers, you can! Join our SPS Elite Membership to get this special perk!

Streamer Chart

Join SPS Elite where you get access to our Discord chat, bonus articles, and much more!

Michael Simione

Michael Simione

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