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Major League Baseball has now completed 57% of the season through Sunday July 17th. So it’s time to start our tour around the Main Event league standings. This first week we’re going to examine the fantasy teams in the top seven places of the second group of 8 out of the 47 leagues. What could be our inspiration this week? Well, how about a story of some guys that just need a break – because maybe all of us need a break from a hectic first half of the season…you just MIGHT hear a fantasy manager say…

80% Updates on Main Event Categories (counting stats adjusted for full season):

Runs: 1018 (580 currently)

Home Runs: 279 (159 currently)

RBIs: 989 (564)

SB: 132 (75)

Batting Average: .2558

K: 1342 (765)

Wins: 91 (52)

Saves: 74 (42)

ERA: 3.403

WHIP: 1.146


Overall Category Leaders as of 7/17:

Runs: 682 John Pausma (JPME3)

Home Runs: 214 Jason Santeiu (No Crying In Baseball)

RBIs: 652 Ben Tidd (Tidd Main)

SB: 113 Scott Fleming (376 Grams)

Batting Average: .2813 Chris Read (One Sweet World)

K: 879 Matt Modica (ctm main 4.7)

Wins: 97 Jeff Mitseff (Mitseff Main 5)

Saves: 65 Ronny Mor (Cali Cartel)

ERA: 2.484 John Pausma (JPME5)

WHIP: 1.005 John Pausma (JPME5)



Over the next few weeks, we will catch up with the 47 Main Event leagues on an individual basis. You’ll see the fantasy managers in the top 7 positions, along with their point total (AS OF SATURDAY MORNING), the change from two weeks ago (ACTUALLY A LITTLE LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AGO AFTER THE SUNDAY STATS WERE COMPLETED) and the overall place. Also, I have brought back the “Win Estimate” – where I show the chances of finishing first for each team in the particular league. Remember, I can’t tell anyone how this is calculated, but I can tell you that it uses the same general principles as Philippe Dussault’s preseason player ranking.

1: The Flemish Wonder

Scott Fleming, who led the entire Main Event in April, has not let up in his quest for a league title. He currently holds a slim two-point margin over his nearest competitor, Dustin Wagner, and both have jumped up by 4 points over the past two weeks. They still both boast top 100 overall positions, and hope to make this a two-man race. But Daniel Prepas is not fully cooperating, and has over 100 points of his own. Stephen Marshall is in solid possession of fourth place, but the big mover over the past two weeks was Scott Zeidman who has gained 12.5 and now is in a tie for 5th with Tim Lilly. Those two players still have some work to do, as does Nicholi Knutson in 7th. This should be an interesting race over the second half.

9 LAS VEGAS 3.26 @11:00 AM
Place Main Event #1031 Points Chg Last 2 Weeks Place Overall Win Estimate
1st Scott Fleming 110.0 +4.0 55 27%
2nd Dustin Wagner 108.0 +4.0 64 26%
3rd Daniel Prepas 100.5 -4.0 114 17%
4th Stephen Marshall 95.0 -2.5 185 12%
5th TIE: Scott Zeidman 84.5 +12.5 294 6%
6th TIE: Tim Lilly 84.5 even 385 6%
7th Nicholi Knutson 84.0 -1.0 260 6%

2: Bendar But Don’t Break


Another league, another former overall leader! . Mark Bendar, though, says he is different than Scott Fleming – he has vowed to be in overall contention over the second half (he’s now in 15th). However, NFBC veteran Shawn Childs is just 6 points out and has gained 7.5 points over the past two weeks, so Mark better not be too comfortable. Childs is 37th overall and has a formidable team. Also in the hunt is Tony DiVincezo in 3rd with 100 points, although he slipped by 9.5 over the latest two-week period. And don’t forget about the two managers tied for 4th – Ronny Mor and Keith Tonsager. They have 93.5 points and are capable of making a charge. Daniel Semsel is a little further back in 6th, and Bradley Shairson has been surging but needs to keep it up to be part of the battle for first.

10 LAS VEGAS 3.26 @11:00 AM
Place Main Event #1032 Points Chg Last 2 Weeks Place Overall Win Estimate
1st Mark Bendar 120.5 -0.5 15 32%
2nd Shawn Childs 114.5 +7.5 37 23%
3rd Tony DiVincenzo 100.0 -9.5 151 16%
4th TIE: Ronny Mor 93.5 -3.0 142 11%
5th TIE: Keith Tonsager 93.5 -0.5 232 11%
6th Daniel Semsel 90.5 +1.0 253 6%
7th Bradley Shairson 72.5 +8.5 475 1%

3: Ned Has a Lot of Cred


Ned Donohue is having a fantastic season – he is leading or close to leading three separate Main Event leagues, and in this one he has a 4.5 point lead over his nearest competitor. Over the last two weeks he has gained 7 points and is 8th overall. Who could keep pace with this type of effort? Well, introducing Stephen Jupinka. He is just 4.5 points back; has gained 12.5 points over the past two weeks, and is 7th overall! Wow – what a fight this will be! And we’re not done – Robert Cramutola – who is having a wonderful fantasy campaign himself – is in 3rd place. Robert IS having some recent issues though – having lost 12 points over the past fortnight and is trying desperately to straighten out his team over the break. Eric Heberlig is everywhere (you’ll see later) but in this league he’s a solid 4th; Ken O’Brien is right behind and close enough to compete in 5th, and Todd Hoppe and Andrew Geller are really not out of this thing. It’s just a question of whether Donohue and Jupinka come back to the pack a little. Right now we have it rated as a 65% chance that one of these two wins the league – but there’s a lot of season left…

11 ONLINE 3.26 @2:00 PM
Place Main Event #1034 Points Chg Last 2 Weeks Place Overall Win Estimate
1st Ned Donohue 127.0 +7.0 8 35%
2nd Stephen Jupinka 122.5 +12.5 7 30%
3rd Robert Cramutola 107.5 -12.0 81 17%
4th Eric Heberlig 96.0 +6.5 134 6%
5th Ken O’Brien 94.0 +4.0 240 5%
6th Todd Hoppe 91.0 -4.5 397 4%
7th Andrew Geller 87.0 -2.5 460 3%

4: Masel-Tov

Scott Masel is leading league #1132, but certainly is going to be tested over the next few months. He does have the benefit of momentum, though, as he’s gained 10.5 points over the past two weeks to move into first place. Second place is – who else – Eric Heberlig – just three points back, while Jin Chun is right in contention only 4.5 points out of the lead. Then back a few points we come to Danny Bronski and – see if you remember this name – Robert Cramutola. They are a mere 10-11 points from the lead and I wouldn’t rule either one out. Back a few points more is Jon Engstrom, who has gained the same as Scott Masel – 10.5 points – to move into 6th place. Joe Green is also not TOO far back in 7th, although it’s going to take a concerted charge for him to get involved.

12 ONLINE 3/26 @8:00 PM
Place Main Event #1132 Points Chg Last 2 Weeks Place Overall Win Estimate
1st Scott Masel 105.5 +10.5 147 24%
2nd Eric Heberlig 102.5 -3.0 139 22%
3rd Jin Chun 101.0 -4.5 196 21%
4th Danny Bronski 94.5 +4.0 282 12%
5th Robert Cramutola 94.0 +0.5 234 12%
6th Jon Engstrom 89.5 +10.5 318 6%
7th Joe Green 84.5 -6.5 324 3%

5: Not Sure How This Happened


James Anderson of Rotowire prospect fame has dragged his partner and this team temporarily to first place. I say temporarily because one day after these standings were recorded, Gekko Industries (aka Mark Srebro) has surged into first and past our two intrepid heroes. However, as of Saturday they held a 3.5-point lead; 27th place overall and are certainly in the thick of the league race. Mr. Srebro has not been impressed, however, and had gained 6 points over the past two weeks even before his Saturday push. Rick Davis and Michelle Smith are also in contention, with Davis posting an eye-popping 17-point gain over the past two weeks to claim third. Also not playing around is Greg Lathrop in 5th, who has moved up 14 points and has plans to challenge the leaders. Daniel DaSilva and Markus Sultan are in 6th and 7th, and need to turn it on over the second half to be in the mix.

13 LAS VEGAS 3.27 @4:00 PT
Place Main Event #1143 Points Chg Last 2 Weeks Place Overall Win Estimate
1st James Anderson & Todd Whitestone 116.0 -2.0 27 26%
2nd Mark Srebro 112.5 +6.0 33 23%
3rd Rick Davis 101.0 +17.0 128 20%
4th Michelle Smith 98.5 -8.0 138 17%
5th Greg Lathrop 91.5 +14.0 231 7%
6th Daniel DaSilva 89.5 +4.0 182 5%
7th Markus Sultan 81.5 -12.0 311 2%

6: Cramming For The Overall


Robert Cramutola has big things on his mind. He is leading this league yes, but is 2nd overall and spends most of his days gazing at the overall leader board. Based on a series of proprietary calculations, we give him a 40% chance to win this league, but he better pay attention because fantasy expert and Baseball HQ writer Steven Weimer is not TOO far back in 2nd place. Then we have an excellent fantasy player in 3rd –  Christopher Vaccaro. He writes also – for The Athletic – so he must know what he’s doing, right? Well, it turns out he is an expert on FOOTBALL, and signed up for this league by mistake. He actually planned to take Robbie Anderson at WR and ended up with Tim Anderson as his second-round pick. He’s rebounded well though, and is solidly in 3rd as he tries to adjust to the newfangled game. Michael Amarante is in 4th place, in a virtual tie with – there’s that man again – Eric Heberlig – but we think both are going to need to push the envelope to threaten the top spot. A little further back we find Scott Kotchek and Marc Fleisher, who are desperately searching the free agent pool for difference-makers as we speak.

14 ONLINE 3.29 @7:00
Place Main Event #1192 Points Chg Last 2 Weeks Place Overall Win Estimate
1st Robert Cramutola 133.5 +1.0 2 40%
2nd Steven Weimer 115.0 -2.0 30 28%
3rd Christopher Vaccaro 100.5 even 125 15%
4th Michael Amarante 91.0 +0.5 241 5%
5th Eric Heberlig 90.5 -5.0 263 5%
6th Scott Kotchek 88.0 -6.0 277 4%
7th Marc Fleisher 87.0 +6.0 314 3%

7: Crescent Moon


Michael Crescenzi is leading this Main Event Online league – and over the past two weeks has picked up 8 points on his league mates. He’s looking to take control, but NFBC stalwart Bradley Libros is right in the middle of the action and only 5.5 points back. In addition, Eric Albright and Andrew Pelaez have 100 points and are within hailing distance. Twenty points out of first we find Mike Duggan and Philippe Dussault, who both are confident that they can pick up 2-3 points per week and be right there at the finish. Back in 7th is Marc Fleisher who definitely needs some things to go his way – especially after dropping 10.5 points over the past couple of weeks.

15 ONLINE 3.30 @7:00 PM
Place Main Event #1221 Points Chg Last 2 Weeks Place Overall Win Estimate
1st Michael Crescenzi 114.5 +8.0 36 26%
2nd Bradley Libros 109.0 -0.5 85 21%
3rd Eric Albright 100.5 -1.0 140 17%
4th Andrew Pelaez 100.0 +3.0 163 16%
5th Mike Duggan 94.5 -3.0 192 9%
6th Philippe Dussault 93.0 -4.0 264 8%
7th Marc Fleisher 84.5 -10.5 308 3%

8: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Patrick Longood holds the lead in our final league today, and apparently has received some religious help over the past two weeks, as his team surged 11.5 points over that period. He’s now at #65 overall, but can’t get too comfortable as my podcast partner Rob DiPietro is shadowing him just 3.5 points back. Also in the hunt are Michael Garcia and Anthony Palavis, the latter making a 9.5-point move to reach 4th place. Former overall champ Glenn Schroter is in 5th at 88.5 points, while Brian Jenner, the up-and-coming star of the New York NFBC draft scene pulls in at 86.5. Speaking of New York NFBC stars, Mike Mager holds down 7th place in this league, and no one should feel too confident that he is out of the running.

16 NEW YORK 4.1 @8:00 PM
Place Main Event #1226 Points Chg Last 2 Weeks Place Overall Win Estimate
1st Patrick Longood 110.0 +11.5 65 26%
2nd Robert DiPietro 106.5 -5.5 84 24%
3rd Michael Garcia 99.0 -2.5 144 18%
4th Anthony Palavis 93.0 +9.5 191 13%
5th Glenn Schroter 88.5 -8.0 207 8%
6th Brian Jenner 86.5 +8.5 286 6%
7th Michael Mager 85.5 -8.5 297 5%

The Quest For Est

Esteury Ruiz, who was called up for the Padres, was the widest pickup on July 17th. Those who added him are hoping for stolen bases and perhaps lots of runs scored from the 23-year old rookie. Perhaps they can take some comfort from the fact that the Main Event is a noble quest and Esteury should therefore fit right in. Whether that leads to stolen bases is anyone’s guess, but in any case, Ruiz was added in all 47 leagues for as high as $311 and as low as $16.

In addition, 9 other players were picked up in 24 or more leagues (see below). Other wide pickups were Kyle Finnegan – who just might be the Nationals closer; Max Meyer – the young Marlins phenom who was owned in 8 leagues  BEFORE this weekend which is why he was only added in 39 this week; Austin Slater – who might get a lot of run since the Giants facing lots of LHP; and Joey Bart – who’s showing some signs of a power breakout lately.

ADDED IN MOST MAIN EVENT LEAGUES Leagues Added Reason Highest Winning Bid Lowest Winning Bid
Esteury Ruiz 47 San Diego speedster 311 16
Kyle Finnegan 44 Finnegan’s Rainbow? 105 9
Max Meyer 39 Marlin Phenom 278 24
Austin Slater 34 Lefty masher for SF 28 1
Joey Bart 29 Catcher masher for SF 21 1
Akil Baddoo 28 Back in Motown 39 1
Ramon Urias 28 Bashing in BAL 34 3
Brooks Raley 27 TB Saves – maybe? 32 1
Kutter Crawford 25 Is he in the rotation? 65 1
Alexis Diaz 24 Not for the fainthearted 61 2


The Wow Bid of the Week

One of our highlighted features – the Main Event Wow Bid of the Week – goes to the largest bid of each FAAB period. This week that honor goes to a $311 bid for rookie Esteury Ruiz – as he attracted the highest bid. In the league he was won with the $311 bid, it easily outdistanced the $155 runner-up amount.

7/17: Esteury Ruiz $311

7/10: Jorge Soler $201

7/3: Vinnie Pasquantino $373

6/26: Jake Meyers $315

6/19: Riley Greene $361

6/12: Stephen Strasburg $227

6/5: Edward Cabrera $331

5/29 Ryan Helsley $312

5/22: Nolan Gorman $482 – #4 Wow Bid

5/15: George Kirby $557 – #2 Wow Bid

5/8: Brendan Rodgers $424

5/1: Eloy Jimenez $452

4/24: Jesse Winker $508 – #3 Wow Bid

4/17: Matt Manning $475 – #5 Wow Bid

4/10: Josh Lowe $613 – Highest Main Bid this Year

4/3: Matt Brash $244


The Century Club Has 7 Members This Week 

There were 7 players that attracted SUCCESSFUL bids over $100 during this FAAB run (up from 6 last week), and 5 of those players had at least one winning bid over $200 (up from 1 last week – see chart below). The only players attracting multiple bids over $100 were Esteury Ruiz (3) and Max Meyer (3). There were 47 successful bids over $100 (way up from the 15 last week) and 9 successful bid over $200:

TEAM BIDS OVER $100 – MAIN EVENT Winning Bids over $100 Winning Bids over $200 Highest Winning Bid (FAAB $)
SD Esteury Ruiz 17 3 201
MIA Max Meyer 25 3 177
NYY Matt Carpenter 1 1 127
SEA George Kirby 1 1 121
ATL Ozzie Albies 1 1 118
WAS Kyle Finnegan 1 0 101
SF Mike Yastrzemski 1 0
47 9


Average Main Event Team FAAB Remaining: $219

For the 16 FAAB runs thus far, the average Main Event team has won 30.4 bids this season (still steady at 1.90 per week) and spent $781.11 per team. This dollar amount has now edged even further ahead of last season’s pace (now by 3.0%) when $757.74 was spent per team in the same time frame. This means that in 2022, the average team has $219 of FAAB left, but it’s worthwhile to remember that approximately $57 per team went unspent last year as fantasy owners fell out of the running. Therefore, the active FAAB dollars left could be around $160 or so.

1 403 $7,962 $19.76 $11.29
2 1035 $36,124 $34.90 $51.24
3 1445 $46,026 $31.85 $65.29
4 1431 $44,112 $30.83 $62.57
5 1367 $37,945 $27.76 $53.82
6 1300 $50,280 $38.68 $71.32
7 1580 $58,965 $37.32 $83.64
8 1527 $46,398 $30.39 $65.81
9 1487 $36,434 $24.50 $51.68
10 1573 $33,085 $21.03 $46.93
11 1573 $29,778 $18.93 $42.24
12 1344 $28,132 $20.93 $39.90
13 1429 $22,918 $16.04 $32.51
14 1277 $28,019 $21.94 $39.74
15 1343 $20,801 $15.49 $29.50
16 1315 $23,705 $18.03 $33.62
TOTAL 21429 $550,684 $25.70 $781.11


Colosseum Stats: Four Players from Three Weeks Ago…Results: 1 Good Add out of 4:

Again this season we’ll be keeping tabs on the 4 most added players from 3 weeks ago to see how some of the biggest free agent acquisitions have been doing for their fantasy owners. These are the players acquired in the most leagues on the 13th FAAB run this season – on 6/26 (stats are from 6/27 through 7/17):

  • Isaac Paredes: 15-for-69 .217 AVG; 3 HR; 0 SB – Paredes’ average is underwhelming, but he does have three homers along with some reasonable counting stats (10 runs scored and 8 RBI) he seems to be playing every day so there is hope that he will shake out of this and produce more – for now I think a PUSH is in order.
  • Lou Trivino: 7.0 IP; 3.86 ERA; 1.86 WHIP; 7 K; 3 BB; 0 WINS; 5 SAVES – Let me just say Trivino’s stats aren’t outstanding, but he’s got the 5 saves in three weeks, so that’s all you need to know. A WIN for this gladiator.
  • Jake Meyers: 15-for-63 .238 AVG; 1 HR; 0 SB – an interesting case – he HAS been playing, and is giving counting stats (9 runs; 10 RBI). However, I think fantasy owners were hoping for a little more power or an occasional steal. I see him as equal to Paredes, so that’s another PUSH.
  • Mitch White: 15.1 IP; 4.11 ERA; 1.57 WHIP; 12 K; 7 BB; 0 WINS – White has had three outings since his broad pickup. The first two were OK, even without a win, but he got rocked in his last one at St. Louis. If he was giving fantasy managers more Ks or had mustered a win or two, I’d be more forgiving, but he hasn’t really done what was hoped so this is a LOSS.


2022 RECORD:

  • 19 thumbs up – 37% (full year 2021 24%)
  • 12 side thumbs – 23% (full year 2021 27%)
  • 21 thumbs down – 40% (full year 2021 49%)


The cumulative record of top adds in the Main Event is still ahead of 2021 through the first 16 FAAB periods. Main Event owners have been averaging more than one good add per week thus far – so we continue to be encouraged by our collectively smarter additions.


Bob Cats


 Congratulations to Bob Catsiroumpas for holding the Number One overall position! In addition to being a huge Montana State Bobcats fan, it turns out that Bobcats is the code word for how Bob manages his fantasy team – he is studying the standings category by category and calls the analysis – you won’t believe this – “Bob Cats.” Unbelievable – right?

Congratulations also to Robert Cramutola, Scott Jenstad, Ben Tidd and Scott Waggener, who currently occupy the 2nd through 5th positions overall – and all five are in the exact same order as a week ago. Are they pulling away from the pack? Also of note is the Ned Donohue – who is winning every league they let him enter (he wanted to enter more Main Events but I submitted a Cease and Desist Order on behalf of the Main Event Union of America (a little known activist union). In addition, holding top ten positions overall are Craig Clarke; Stephen Jupinka (cashing in three Mains); Ray Butler – who is putting together a storied campaign; and Bill Macey – who does not own Macy’s (I asked him). The operatic duo of Mirshak/Kahn in 13th remains one of my favorites – so I’m keeping tabs on them – but all of these Top 20 are doing an outstanding job!!

Overall Rank Fantasy Owner Overall Points Points Behind
1 Bob Catsiroumpas 6123.5 0.0
2 Robert Cramutola 6046.0 77.5
3 Scott Jenstad 5952.0 171.5
4 Ben Tidd 5923.5 200.0
5 Scott Waggener 5752.0 371.5
6 Ned Donohue 5705.5 418.0
7 Craig Clarke 5681.0 442.5
8 Stephen Jupinka 5664.5 459.0
9 Ray Butler 5615.0 508.5
10 Bill Macey 5609.0 514.5
11 Kyle Brinkmann 5604.0 519.5
12 Mark Bendar 5579.5 544.0
13 Robert Mirshak & Ian Kahn 5567.5 556.0
14 John Pausma 5546.0 577.5
15 Jason Santeiu 5501.5 622.0
16 Leonard Ringle 5498.5 625.0
17 Mike Rothe 5477.0 646.5
18 Chris Uram 5426.0 697.5
19 Steven Weimer 5409.5 714.0
20 Ned Donohue 5387.5 736.0
Average Top 20 Overall Score 5653.5

Philippe Dussault: 83rd


Main Event Interviewer: How did you spend the last week in terms of your fantasy teams?

Philippe Dussault: “I Did Absolutely Nothing, And It Was Everything I Thought It Could Be!”

Main Event Interviewer, with shocked face: “But Phil, aren’t you worried about your place in the Main Event standings? Why don’t you go over what you are doing in a typical week to keep up with your teams and what your next move should be?”

Philippe: “I’d Say, In A Given Week, I Probably Only Do About Fifteen Minutes Of Real, Actual Work.”


Where are our 2022 Previous Overall Leaders?

Tim Lilly (4/11): Tim is mired at #362 (360 last week) and is refusing to answer his phone. We’re going to have to get creative to get further updates on this iconoclastic individual.

Scott Fleming (4/18): Scott surged is in 57th and is in contention in two leagues (see below) this week. Scott is in his new home in Flemington, New Jersey and he says his full-time job is to contact with the Scottish Government as “the first name is the most important thing when it comes to heritage.”

Chris Read (4/25-5/8): Chris had an impressive three-week run at the top, dropped back and has been unable to crack the top 20 since (#53 this week). However, Chris has departed from Readfield, Maine and has applied for work at Reader’s Digest Magazine.

Tyler Jung (5/15): Tyler is on the way back from his “Welcome to the Jungle” tour in deepest, darkest Africa. He boarded a flight in Maputo in Mozambique and was all set to re-engage with the NFBC, but his plane was re-routed to Reykjavic (it’s the Capital of Iceland) as there was turbulence above the Sahara. He says he’s not worried and plans to walk around the beautiful fjords while he waits for his new flight home (he’s in 92nd now).
Leonard Ringle (5/22-29): Leonard is in 16th and right in the thick of the race. He has started work on a new jingle to sing when he regains first overall, and says he will be happy to perform this in Las Vegas when he accepts the overall winner’s check.

Bob Cramutola (6/20): Bob is right behind Mr. Bob Cats in 2nd place overall, and reports that he and his partner Aaron Nola are ready to win this season. They are still working on getting more Phillies on the team, and wants everyone to know that he is confident that Bryce Harper will be back on the field in “a jiffy.”

Mark Bendar (6/6; 6/20; 6/27): Mark is doing just fine in 12th overall despite his continued movie work with David Beckham. David Beckham keeps calling me to say he is close with Mark and has submitted an autographed picture of himself with Mark as proof (he has apparently sent this to the National Enquirer as well).


League of Legends

In addition, we’ll follow the individual league races this season. It is no small feat to win a league championship in the Main Event regardless of a fantasy owner’s overall place, and the top three in each league earn a cash prize and deserve recognition. You can see the 47 leagues listed in the chart below – along with the top three in the standings as of Monday morning.

NFBC League Number LEADER League Points 2nd PLACE League Points 3rd PLACE League Points
#934 Doug Moe 104.5 Clark Olson 103.0 TIE: Matthew Shepherd & Daniel Semsel 99.5
#935 Anthony Botzo 106.5 Scott Waggener 103.0 Mark Srebro 101.5
#943 Steven Weimer 119.5 Andrew Kopicz 106.5 Eno Sarris 97.5
#1026 Toby Guevin 113.0 John Pausma 112.0 Matthew Davis 109.0
#1027 Mike Duggan 98.0 Scott Jenstad 96.0 Tanner Bell 89.5
#1028 TIE: Ryan Atkins 113.5 TIE: Russel Wyatt 113.5 Jacob Halusker 102.5
#1029 Rusty Clark 101.5 Brian Slack 100.5 Mark Northan 97.0
#1030 Rob Silver 108.5 Zach Bettencourt 95.0 Jenny Butler 92.0
#1031 Scott Fleming 109.0 Dustin Wagner 108.0 Daniel Prepas 98.5
#1032 Mark Bendar 121.0 Shawn Childs 116.0 Tony DiVincenzo 101.5
#1034 Ned Donohue 127.5 Stephen Jupinka 123.0 Robert Cramutola 102.5
#1132 Eric Heberlig 103.5 Jin Chun 100.0 Scott Masel 99.0
#1143 Mark Srebro 122.0 James Anderson & Todd Whitestone 112.0 Rick Davis 99.0
#1192 Robert Cramutola 132.5 Steven Weimer 115.0 Christopher Vaccaro 99.5
#1221 Michael Crescenzi 116.5 Bradley Libros 107.5 Eric Albright 103.0
#1226 Patrick Longood 110.0 Robert DiPietro 102.0 Michael Garcia 98.5
#1228 Charles Sommer 124.5 John Pausma 120.0 Mike Ballschmiede 116.0
#1233 Ned Donohue 113.0 Stephen Jupinka 107.0 Jon Stadtmueller 101.5
#1236 Daniel Prepas 113.5 Michael O’Brien 110.0 Russell Withers 95.5
#1244 Michael O’Brien 107.0 Douglas Gruber 102.5 Jordan Epping 101.5
#1260 Kelly Uganski 119.5 Jeff Erickson 118.0 John Pausma 103.5
#1263 Kyle Brinkmann 121.5 Chris Uram 121.0 Michael Brophy 110.5
#1264 Bill Macey 122.0 Vlad Sedler 110.0 Chris Liss 103.0
#1265 Bob Mazur 114.0 Aaron Jones 104.5 Tyler Jung 104.0
#1287 Aaron Lawson 106.5 Glenn Schroter 103.5 Zack Puckett 103.0
#1292 Mike Rothe 120.0 Steve Gregovich 109.0 Steven Heffernan 108.5
#1294 Scott Waggener 133.0 Dohn Terrell 107.0 Toby Guevin 103.5
#1297 Zach Bettencourt 113.0 Kevin Kirves 112.5 Douglas Gruber 99.0
#1304 Richard Dimondo 107.0 David Redgrave 103.0 Patrick Raney 101.5
#1306 David Miller 99.0 Dave Petroziello 97.5 Brian Slack 95.5
#1318 Douglas Gruber 113.0 JimJ Ferrari 95.5 Jody Ryan 95.0
#1319 Abdulaziz Madani 109.0 Bob Casale 108.5 Jeff Mitseff 105.0
#1320 Robert Mirshak & Ian Kahn 122.5 Philippe Dussault 107.5 Daniel Baker 106.5
#1321 Mike Rothe 116.5 Chris Fessler 109.0 Stephen Fiore 99.5
#1322 Ned Donohue 119.0 Kellen Arneson 109.5 Jeff Mitseff 107.0
#1331 Bob Catsiroumpas 131.0 TIE: Robert DiPietro 112.5 TIE: Bradley Libros 112.5
#1332 Ben Tidd 126.0 Leonard Ringle 120.5 Chris Read 106.0
#1363 Scott Davis 112.0 Matthew McDonough 108.5 Paul Hong 94.5
#1364 Stephen Jupinka 114.0 Brian Slack 110.5 Al Williams 108.0
#1365 Scott Jenstad 129.0 Craig Clarke 119.5 Matt Hurley 117.5
#1366 David Bone 106.5 Jeff Mitseff 101.5 Chris Boudreaux 98.5
#1371 Jason Santeiu 117.5 John Pausma 115.5 Hunter Dorbandt 107.5
#1402 Ray Butler 127.0 John Lyons 115.0 Abdulaziz Madani 104.0
#1405 Zachary Waxman 109.5 Christopher Torres 104.0 Michael Lins 103.5
#1408 Eric Heberlig 111.0 Les Travis 110.5 Jody Ryan 95.0
#1511 Beau Reid 108.0 Ian Hubbard 107.0 Scott Fleming 106.0
#1524 Mark Srebro 109.5 Scott Waggener 109.0 Jamie Ickes 105.0
Average 1st Place Score 114.9 Average 2nd Place Score 108.6 Average 3rd Place Score 102.3


There are multiple NFBC players who are in the top three places in more than one Main Event league. Extremely impressive!


  • Ned Donohue – THREE 1st plus 6th AND 14th overall – WOW
  • Newly-inducted Hall-of-Famer (and 2018 Main Event Champ) John Pausma – three 2nd and one 3rd and 14th overall
  • TWO FIRST PLACE – Mike Rothe (17th overall) and Eric Heberlig
  • Mark Srebro two 1st and one 3rd (plus 30th overall)
  • ONE FIRST & TWO SECOND: Scott Waggener and Stephen Jupinka (8th overall) – outstanding
  • Douglas Gruber – one 1st one 2nd one 3rd
  • Crowd favorite Brian Slack (two 2nd and one 3rd)
  • Jeff Mitseff (one 2nd and two 3rd)
  • ONE FIRST & ONE SECOND: Steve Weimer (19th overall); Scott Jenstad (3rd overall); Zach Bettencourt; and Michael O’Brien
  • ONE FIRST & ONE THIRD: Toby Guevin; Daniel Prepas; Abdulaziz Madani; and Scott Fleming
  • TWO SECOND: Bradley Libros and my podcast partner Robert DiPietro
  • TWO THIRD: Jody Ryan

Have a Great All-Star Break!

Todd Whitestone

Todd Whitestone

Writer for focusing on the NFBC Main Event

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