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Major League Baseball has now completed 53% of the season through Sunday July 10th. So it’s time to start our tour around the Main Event league standings. This first week we’re going to examine the fantasy teams in the top seven places of the first 8 or the 47 leagues. Why only look at the top seven places, you ask? Because for the teams in 8th through 15th place this is our technical assessment of their likelihood of winning the league…

What Do We Need?

INIGO: Well, we Montoyas have never taken defeat easily. Come along, Fezzik. Bring the body (not stopping). Have you any money?

FEZZIK: I have a little.

INIGO: I just hope it’s enough to buy a miracle, that’s all.

(Inigo, Fezzik, Westley approach the door. They knock. From

inside the hovel a little man’s voice is heard.)

LITTLE OLD GUY: Go away! (Inigo pounds again.) What? What?

INIGO: Are you the Miracle Max who worked for the King all those years?

MIRACLE MAX: The King’s stinking son fired me. And thank you so much for bringingmup such a painful subject. While you’re at it, why don’t you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it? We’re closed!

(He shuts the window. They rap on the door. It opens again.)

INIGO: We need a miracle. It’s very important.


 The MLB Environment: We’ve Reached Our Level

Through Sunday 7/10, MLB hitters are still scoring just 4.33 runs per game, well below the 4.53 in 2021. Runs per game had been improving from the 4.08 average several weeks ago but have flattened out. This has been built by two main factors (we’re discontinuing the chart because it shows the same numbers):

  • Batting average is level at .242 (well up from .232 in April and slightly down from .244 last year).
  • Home runs, however, are level at 08 (from 1.22 in 2021 but up from early season struggles when it was below 1.00).
  • As we’ve stated previously, MLB strikeouts have been down but are also holding this week at 8.34 per game, and with walks steady at 3.12, MLB WHIP is also up one tick to 1.271. Still, strikeouts are at the lowest level since 2017, when it hit 8.25 per game.

80% Updates on Main Event Categories (counting stats adjusted for full season):

Runs: 1021 (541 currently)

Home Runs: 283 (150 currently)

RBIs: 992 (526)

SB: 132 (70)

Batting Average: .2557

K: 1338 (709)

Wins: 91 (48)

Saves: 74 (39)

ERA: 3.398

WHIP: 1.146


Overall Category Leaders as of 7/10:

Runs: 636 John Pausma (JPME3)

Home Runs: 196 Jason Santeiu (No Crying In Baseball)

RBIs: 607 Ben Tidd (Tidd Main)

SB: 104 Rian Lange (Aggressive Mediocrity ME4)

Batting Average: .2790 Chris Read (One Sweet World)

K: 817 Matt Modica (ctm main 4.3)

Wins: 64 Jeff Mitseff (Mitseff Main 5)

Saves: 63 Brian Edwards (Don Mattinglys Sideburns)

ERA: 2.524 John Pausma (JPME5)

WHIP: 1.012 John Pausma (JPME5)



Over the next few weeks, we will catch up with the 47 Main Event leagues on an individual basis. You’ll see the fantasy managers in the top 7 positions, along with their point total (AS OF FRIDAY AFTERNOON), the change from two weeks ago (ACTUALLY A LITTLE LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AGO AFTER THE SUNDAY STATS WERE COMPLETED) and the overall place. Also, I am bringing back the “Win Estimate” as demanded by exactly zero readers – where I show the chances of finishing first for each team in the particular league. How is this calculated, you ask? It’s proprietary, but I can tell you that I ran the general idea past Phil Dussault via TEAM DUSSAULT Spokesperson Rob DiPietro, and the concept was approved with some reservations (I believe the exact quote was, “This is ridiculous.”)


1: Moe Money

1 LAS VEGAS 3.24 @4:00 PT
Place Main Event #934 Points Chg Last 2 Weeks Place Overall Win Estimate
1st Doug Moe 111.5 +2.5 68 30%
2nd Clark Olson 102.5 -4.0 104 21%
3rd Daniel Semsel 102.0 -5.0 109 21%
4th Jason Anthony 98.0 -10.5 147 11%
5th Matthew Shepherd 95.5 -1.5 214 10%
6th Zach Bettencourt 86.5 +2.5 284 4%
7th Eddie Gillis 85.0 -3.0 323 3%

Doug Moe, who led the Denver Nuggets to on-the-court success, has brought his high-intensity style to the fantasy baseball world and – well…it’s working! Not only does he have a 9-point lead over his closest competitors, but he and the 6th place team (Zach Bettencourt) were the only two to gain points over the last two weeks! Surely there will be more of a fight than this! The leaderboard is littered with excellent fantasy managers, with standout Clark Olson currently in 2nd, Daniel Semsel in 3rd, and the ever-dangerous Jason Anthony in 4th (although it is true that Jason asked me to say he was “ever-dangerous”). Matthew Shepherd, Zach Bettencourt and Eddie Gillis are no slouches either, so I’m expecting this race to tighten up.


2: The Bots Take Over

2 LAS VEGAS 3.24 @4:00 PT
Place Main Event #935 Points Chg Last 2 Weeks Place Overall Win Estimate
1st Anthony Botzo 109.5 +6.0 59 27%
2nd Scott Waggener 103.5 +10.0 131 23%
3rd Mark Srebro 98.5 -10.5 136 20%
4th Donald Warner 92.5 +5.5 209 12%
5th Eric Christenson 89.5 +7.5 239 8%
6th Marc Winokur 87.5 +9.5 258 6%
7th Christopher Cosley 83.0 -6.0 370 4%

In contrast, this league s all about fantasy managers gaining points. In fact, five of the top seven gained points over the past two weeks, with Leader of the Bots Anthony Botzo taking charge with a six-point move. Scott Waggener is hot on his heels in second, and Gekko Industries lurks in third (how does one lurk, anyway?). The fantasy teams of Donald Warner, Eric Christenson and Mark Winokur gained solid points over the past two weeks and now occupy 4th through 6th places. Christopher Cosley fell back a little over the same period but sent out assurances on Twitter that all is well.


3: Why Oh Weimer

3 ONLINE 3/24 @8:00 PM
Place Main Event #943 Points Chg Last 2 Weeks Place Overall Win Estimate
1st Steven Weimer 121.5 even 18 37%
2nd Eno Sarris 107.0 +1.5 81 21%
3rd Andrew Kopicz 106.5 +3.0 62 20%
4th Joe Gelsomino 88.5 +4.0 196 6%
5th Danny Bronski 87.5 +2.5 245 6%
6th Chas Nelson – tied 86.0 -3.5 301 5%
7th Alan Mitchell – tied 86.0 -4.0 298 5%

Steven Weimer is not allowing anyone within shouting distance of first place in this league, as he has vaulted to a 14.5-point lead and pushed his team into the #18 overall position. Not even the valiant efforts of Rates and Barrels Podcast star Eno Sarris has dented the margin (although Eno claims his “Stuff-Plus” Pitching Model has accounted for just this situation). But Eno and Andrew Kopicz have reasonable chances – it’s below that where I’m wondering if first place is out of reach. Nevertheless, Joe Gelsomino, Danny Bronski, Chas Nelson and Alan Mitchell are still fighting hard and say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” which really doesn’t give you a lot of confidence that they’ll catch up.


4: The Pausma That Refreshes

4 LAS VEGAS 3.26 @11:00 AM
Place Main Event #1026 Points Chg Last 2 Weeks Place Overall Win Estimate
1st John Pausma 115.0 +4.0 43 33%
2nd Toby Guevin 114.0 +1.0 40 32%
3rd Matthew Davis 105.5 +9.0 108 21%
4th Errol Thompson 87.0 -3.0 302 5%
5th Jeff Erickson 85.0 -3.5 247 4%
6th Jody Ryan 83.5 -3.5 313 3%
7th Broc Miller 81.5 -2.0 299 2%

Hall-of-Famer John Pausma is leading, but watching Toby Guevin, aka Bat Flip Crazy (an enthusiastic, data-driven podcaster), as Pausma edged past him over the past two weeks, Guevin, for his part, has kept his eagle eyes on Pausma, making sure a bigger gap doesn’t open up. But they both need to be careful. Matthew Davis, podcaster with FTN Fantasy, is coming up fast and is threatening to spoil the party. He gained 9 points over the past two weeks and is now sitting comfortably in 3rd. Odds are the league winner is one of these three, but Errol Thompson, Rotowire Expert (and podcaster!) Jeff Erickson, star fantasy player Jody Ryan, and FTN contributor (wait a minute! Another one?) Broc Miller are all still in the hunt. This one will be fun to watch, and sparks many questions – Will the three at the top pull away? Is this really a 7-team race? Where do all these podcasters come from, anyway?


5: Jenstad Egad


5 LAS VEGAS 3.26 @11:00 AM
Place Main Event #1027 Points Chg Last 2 Weeks Place Overall Win Estimate
1st Scott Jenstad 101.0 -2.5 85 22%
2nd Tanner Bell 96.5 -4.5 203 18%
3rd Justin Salinger 95.5 -5.0 171 17%
4th Mike Duggan 90.5 -1.5 177 12%
5th Jason Gill 88.0 -1.0 292 11%
6th Dustin McComas 87.5 +0.5 262 10%
7th Michael Govier 85.5 +5.0 294 10%

Rotowire Podcaster (sigh) Scott Jenstad is leading this league, but interestingly, the top five teams all lost points over the past two weeks, opening the door for a team in 6th, 7th or even lower to come back. Jenstad has a decent-enough cushion at 4.5 points, but Tanner Bell is smart at fantasy baseball, and podcaster (yikes) Justin Salinger is definitely a sleeper in this league (and not a bust) so he’s sure to contend. Then not too far back we find Mike Duggan in 4th, Jason Gill in 5th, Dustin McComas in 6th, and the irrepressible podcaster (??!!) Michael Govier, who was the biggest gainer in 7th. Just to be clear, I’m not counting anyone out in this league yet.


6: Wyatt Earp


6 LAS VEGAS 3.26 @11:00 AM
Place Main Event #1028 Points Chg Last 2 Weeks Place Overall Win Estimate
1st Russel Wyatt 113.0 +2.5 71 28%
2nd Ryan Atkins 111.0 +2.0 63 28%
3rd Jacob Halusker 107.0 -3.0 148 25%
4th Anthony Gialde 96.5 even 175 9%
5th Nick Cassavetes 94.5 even 187 6%
6th Timothy Pamperin 87.5 +7.5 328 3%
7th Gene McCaffrey 74.0 -1.5 472 1%

Russel Wyatt rode in from the western part of town, and once he sat down at the Las Vegas draft table, everyone knew he was serious based on the sheriff’s badge on his chest and his handlebar moustache. Nevertheless, Ryan Atkins has not backed down and is a mere two points back as of this writing – with Cornhusker fan Jacob Halusker sitting a close 3rd. We have to drop down a little further to the highly decorated Anthony Gialde (of Kansas City Moose fame), who has taken a cue from Gekko Industries and is lurking in 4th. Nick Cassavetes also has a shot, but Timothy Pamperin was the big mover in this league, gaining 7.5 points in the last two weeks. Can he keep it up? Does he have what it takes? Does he have all the categories covered? Why are we asking all these questions, anyway? It seems Gene McCaffrey is a little too far back to make it to first, but stranger things have happened in the Main Event.


7: Trusty Rusty


7 LAS VEGAS 3.26 @11:00 AM
Place Main Event #1029 Points Chg Last 2 Weeks Place Overall Win Estimate
1st Rusty Clark 100.0 -2.0 126 19%
2nd Mark Northan 99.0 -7.0 111 18%
3rd Scott Waggener 94.5 +1.0 183 16%
4th Joe Anthony – tied 90.5 +6.0 225 14%
5th James Maples – tied 90.5 even 232 14%
6th Brian Slack & Nick Sackett 89.5 +14.5 234 13%
7th Steven Metzler 85.5 +8.5 300 6%

This league is even MORE bunched up! Rusty Clark has been solid though, and moved past Mark Northan in the last few days to take over 1st place. Northan, for his part, refused to acknowledge that he was in 2nd, stating flatly, “One point is not enough to declare that someone is leading.” OK, interesting approach Mark…but remember, you let everyone back in the hunt by losing 7 points over the past two weeks! Then there’s that man again – Scott Waggener. He’s everywhere it seems, and in this league he is solidly in contention in 3rd place. Joe Anthony and James Maples are all tied up in 4th – with Joe surging 6 points while James just held his ground. But wait until you see this – Brian Slack and Nick Sackett gained a whopping 14.5 points over the past two weeks to jump all the way to 6th! Great job! Now I know why they call you guys Slackett, Inc.! Not to be outdone, Steven Metzler gained a healthy 8.5 points and is in good shape in 7th, moving ahead of – um – er – some guy who writes about the Main Event every week…


8: Hi-O-Silver


8 LAS VEGAS 3.26 @11:00 AM
Place Main Event #1030 Points Chg Last 2 Weeks Place Overall Win Estimate
1st Rob Silver 115.5 -4.0 19 37%
2nd Zach Bettencourt 99.0 -1.0 165 20%
3rd Thomas Warner 94.5 +11.5 193 17%
4th Jenny Butler 93.5 +4.0 238 16%
5th Clark Olson 86.5 -4.5 206 7%
6th Rick Davis 82.5 +3.0 333 2%
7th Jason Anthony 79.0 +3.5 450 1%

Launch Angle Podcaster (hey, what is it with all these podcasters?) Rob Silver not only leads his league by 16.5 points, but he’s now in the #19 position on the overall leaderboard. He credited his regular discussions with his smart and handsome co-hosts Van Lee and Jeff Zimmerman for helping him see his way through the many pitfalls of fantasy baseball – according to Rob he’s better when he’s not a lone ranger. Zach Bettencourt is holed up in 2nd, where he’s hoping he can unmask Rob. Thomas Warner made a big move and is now up into third place – climbing up 11.5 points to 94.5. In the process he edged past one of the top players in the industry – Jenny Butler – who seemed totally unimpressed (“I’ll wait for my 11.5 point increase until it matters most,” she chuckled knowlingly). Clark Olson – remember him – he was second in the first league we covered and is in 5th here – is a force to be reckoned with for sure. Rick Davis is in 6th and Jason Anthony (4th in that first league) is now in 7th place. Rob may run away with this, but there’s a lot of talent behind him for sure.


Rollin’ With Nolan

Nolan Jones, the new outfielder (although by trade he is a third baseman), was the widest pickup on 7/10.  He’s a hot new rookie, and usually those command premium FAAB dollars. However, FAAB is running low in many quarters at this point of the season, so  Jones was added in 46 leagues for as high as $177 and as low as $1, a far cry from the competitive bidding on new rookies earlier this year.

In addition, 9 other players were picked up in 20 or more leagues (see below). Other wide pickups were Brayan Bello – who just might stick in the Boston rotation; Reid Detmers, who is back for the Angels, Brett Martin, the closer of the day in Texas; and Matt Carpenter – another young rookie player – wait, is that right? – for the Yankees.

ADDED IN MOST MAIN EVENT LEAGUES Leagues Added Reason Highest Winning Bid Lowest Winning Bid
Nolan Jones 46 Guarding 3B 177 1
Brayan Bello 41 Bellowing in Boston 68 1
Reid Detmers 40 Back for the Angels 118 11
Brett Martin 40 Closing in Texas? 67 1
Matt Carpenter 34 Reinvented in NY 73 1
Josh Winder 32 Wound up in MIN 61 3
Carlos Santana 30 No Sleeping in Seattle 74 1
Braxton Garrett 25 Flourishing in Florida 37 1
Max Castillo 23 Miracle Max? 29 1
Spencer Howard 20 Texas Two Step 23 1


The Wow Bid of the Week

One of our highlighted features – the Main Event Wow Bid of the Week – goes to the largest bid of each FAAB period. This week that honor goes to a $201 bid (the lowest Wow Bid of the season so far) for Jorge Soler – as he was available in 2 Main Event leagues. In the league he was won with the $201 bid, it easily outdistanced the $55 runner-up amount.

7/10: Jorge Soler $201

7/3: Vinnie Pasquantino $373

6/26: Jake Meyers $315

6/19: Riley Greene $361

6/12: Stephen Strasburg $227

6/5: Edward Cabrera $331

5/29 Ryan Helsley $312

5/22: Nolan Gorman $482 – #4 Wow Bid

5/15: George Kirby $557 – #2 Wow Bid

5/8: Brendan Rodgers $424

5/1: Eloy Jimenez $452

4/24: Jesse Winker $508 – #3 Wow Bid

4/17: Matt Manning $475 – #5 Wow Bid

4/10: Josh Lowe $613 – Highest Main Bid this Year

4/3: Matt Brash $244


The Century Club Has 6 Members This Week

There were 6 players that attracted SUCCESSFUL bids over $100 during this FAAB run (down from 9 last week), and just 1 of those players (Jorge Soler) had at least one winning bid over $200 (down from 4 last week – see chart below). The only players attracting multiple bids over $100 were Nolan Jones (5) and Reid Detmers (6). There were 15 successful bids over $100 (way down from the 59 last week as Vinnie P spurred lots of big bids) and 1 successful bid over $200 (Soler):

TEAM BIDS OVER $100 – MAIN EVENT Winning Bids over $100 Winning Bids over $200 Highest Winning Bid (FAAB $)
ATL Jorge Soler 1 1 201
CLE Nolan Jones 5 0 177
NYY Josh Donaldson 1 0 127
FLA Dylan Floro 1 0 121
LAA Reid Detmers 6 0 118
OAK Lou Trivino 1 0 101
15 1


Average Main Event Team FAAB Remaining: $253

For the 15 FAAB runs thus far, the average Main Event team has won 28.5 bids this season (still steady at 1.90 per week) and spent $747.49 per team. This dollar amount has now edged even further ahead of last season’s pace (now by 2.1%) when $731.91 was spent per team in the same time frame. This means that in 2022, the average team has $253 of FAAB left, but it’s worthwhile to remember that approximately $57 per team went unspent last year as fantasy owners fell out of the running. Therefore, the active FAAB dollars left is much less than $253.

1 403 $7,962 $19.76 $11.29
2 1035 $36,124 $34.90 $51.24
3 1445 $46,026 $31.85 $65.29
4 1431 $44,112 $30.83 $62.57
5 1367 $37,945 $27.76 $53.82
6 1300 $50,280 $38.68 $71.32
7 1580 $58,965 $37.32 $83.64
8 1527 $46,398 $30.39 $65.81
9 1487 $36,434 $24.50 $51.68
10 1573 $33,085 $21.03 $46.93
11 1573 $29,778 $18.93 $42.24
12 1344 $28,132 $20.93 $39.90
13 1429 $22,918 $16.04 $32.51
14 1277 $28,019 $21.94 $39.74
15 1343 $20,801 $15.49 $29.50
TOTAL 20114 $526,979 $26.20 $747.49


Colosseum Stats: Four Players from Three Weeks Ago…Results: 2 Good Adds out of 4:

Again this season we’ll be keeping tabs on the 4 most added players from 3 weeks ago to see how some of the biggest free agent acquisitions have been doing for their fantasy owners. These are the players acquired in the most leagues on the 12th FAAB run this season – on 6/19 (stats are from 6/20 through 7/10):

  • Orlando Arcia: 9-for-58 .155 AVG; 0 HR; 0 SB – Arcia’s average is poor, AND he hasn’t produced the needed counting stats (4 runs scored and 5 RBI) and he’s at risk of losing PT – I’m going with a LOSS here.
  • J.Abrams: 14-for-52 .269 AVG; 0 HR; 0 SB – At least Abrams has a little better batting average – but the counting stats are also light (5 runs scored and 4 RBI) so I can’t give him a pass – LOSS.
  • Josh Winckowski: 23.0 IP; 4.30 ERA; 1.43 WHIP; 14 K; 8 BB; 2 WINS – an interesting case – he perhaps hasn’t been brilliant, but in the context of a 15-team league I think this is fine. He is a little low on K, but he has the two wins, and he’s still in the rotation. We’ll award a WIN here.
  • Aaron Civale: 22.0 IP; 4.09 ERA; 1.36 WHIP; 21 K; 6 BB; 0 WINS – Civale has been relatively solid, even without any wins. He has better Ks than Winckowski, but is a little worse in the ratio department. You could argue for a PUSH, but again, I think when you’re picking up starting pitching in a 15-team league this is a WIN – and he still is solidly in the Cleveland rotation.

2022 RECORD:

  • 18 thumbs up – 38% (full year 2021 24%)
  • 10 side thumbs – 21% (full year 2021 27%)
  • 20 thumbs down – 42% (full year 2021 49%)

The cumulative record of top adds in the Main Event rebounded this week, and is still ahead of 2021 through the first 15 FAAB periods. Main Event owners have been averaging more than one good add per week thus far – so we continue to be encouraged by our collectively smarter additions.


Bobcats Forever (Sir)

Overall Rank Fantasy Owner Overall Points Points Behind
1 Bob Catsiroumpas 6088.5 0.0
2 Robert Cramutola 6047.0 41.5
3 Scott Jenstad 5936.5 152.0
4 Ben Tidd 5930.5 158.0
5 Scott Waggener 5759.5 329.0
6 Craig Clarke 5589.0 499.5
7 Bill Macey 5587.5 501.0
8 Robert Mirshak & Ian Kahn 5584.5 504.0
9 Charles Sommer 5571.0 517.5
10 Mike Rothe 5565.5 523.0
11 Kyle Brinkmann 5555.5 533.0
12 Ned Donohue 5538.0 550.5
13 Mark Bendar 5515.5 573.0
14 Chris Fessler 5512.5 576.0
15 Jason Santeiu 5414.5 674.0
16 Matt Hurley 5412.5 676.0
17 Ray Butler 5403.5 685.0
18 Stephen Jupinka 5359.5 729.0
19 Kelly Uganski 5350.5 738.0
20 Bradley Libros 5218.5 870.0
Average Top 20 Overall Score 5597.0

Congratulations to Bob Catsiroumpas for re-taking the Number One overall position! Bob is STILL in Bozeman, Montana working out with his favorite athletes (the Bobcats) but did have time to send me a message (via Pony Express) that the university was founded as the Agricultural College of Montana in 1893, just four short years after Montana became a state! Also, Bob trains there in part because it is 4900 feet above sea level, and so when he comes to a draft he has much better oxygen uptake than his fellow competitors. Fascinating, Bob!

Congratulations also to Robert Cramutola, Scott Jenstad, Ben Tidd and Scott Waggener, who currently occupy the 2nd through 5th positions overall. Also of note is the Mirshak/Kahn opera duo in Scott Waggener in 8th, Mike Rothe in 10th, and Kyle Brinkmann in 11th. Ned Donohue 12th, Former Main Event Champ Chris Fessler is 14th, Ray Butler in 17th and star performer Stephen Jupinka in 18th! Congratulations to all of these Top 20 owners – they are all doing an outstanding job!!

Philippe Dussault: Does Not Believe He Has Dropped to 102nd from 86th

Philippe Dussault sat down with us to get an update on the standings, and let’s just say it didn’t go well. I tried to ease into the discussion, talking about the weather and how Canada was such a nice country. But then I blurted out “YOU’RE IN 102nd OVERALL!” and Mr. Dussault – well, you can see what happened.

As a result of this encounter, I have been advised by Team Dussault Spokesperson Rob DiPietro that I am “not allowed to approach Dussault” and that “I will be receiving a restraining order to keep at least 35 feet away at all times.”


Where are our 2022 Previous Overall Leaders?

Tim Lilly (4/11): Tim is mired at 360th (from 357th last week) and admits that he doesn’t really care about the Main Event any more. He decided not to replace the 75-foot extension cord allowing him to work on his computer from his garden of lilies, and says he just wants to be left alone.

Scott Fleming (4/18): Scott surged up to 52nd from 82nd this week. Scott is in his new home in Flemington, New Jersey and says he doesn’t care about receiving the key to the city. He also has given up trying to contact what “he used to consider his countrymen” in the Flemish Region of Belgium and is now “focused” on making contact with the Scottish Government instead.

Chris Read (4/25-5/8): Chris had an impressive three-week run at the top, dropped to 63rd place six weeks ago and has been unable to crack the top 20 since (he is at 60th this week). Chris is still in Readfield, Maine, which he says has a “beautiful” sleep-away summer camp called Camp Laurel, but so far they have not let him attend since he is well over 14 years old…

Tyler Jung (5/15): Tyler decided to listen to his fans, and came back from his “Welcome to the Jungle” tour in deepest, darkest Africa. He boarded a flight from Maputo in Mozambique and logged into his computer – this attention and the free agent pickups he made allowed him to move up to 81st from 100th and all appears to be well. He did admit that the internet on Air Mozambique was “a little spotty” so it is possible that this won’t go completely smoothly.
Leonard Ringle (5/22-29): Leonard hung out a shingle on the #1 overall position, but was forced to take it down. He dropped a little from 7th place to 16th, but surged back to 6th but has fallen back to 27th place overall. He now says he OWNS a “Magic Ring” and plans to attend the Las Vegas drafts next year with it on so he will be invisible to the competition.

Bob Cramutola (6/20): Bob is right behind in 2nd place overall and says he and Aaron Nola are ready to win this season. He is trying to figure out how to get more Phillies on his fantasy team, and has spoken to Greg Ambrosius about the possibility of relaxing the trading embargo so he can approach other owners with “fair offers.” Greg did not respond to him as yet…

Mark Bendar (6/6; 6/20; 6/27): Mark is doing just fine in 13th overall despite his continued movie work with David Beckham. David Beckham was eager called us (I can’t get rid of this guy) to say he is close with Mark and they hoped that they could throw a party for the media to make up for any “misunderstandings over the years.” Well, it’s just not going to be that easy, David!

League of Legends

In addition, we’ll follow the individual league races this season. It is no small feat to win a league championship in the Main Event regardless of a fantasy owner’s overall place, and the top three in each league earn a cash prize and deserve recognition. You can see the 47 leagues listed in the chart below – along with the top three in the standings as of Monday morning (as opposed to the Friday league standings listed in the league wrap-ups above).

NFBC League Number LEADER League Points 2nd PLACE League Points 3rd PLACE League Points
#934 Doug Moe 109.0 Daniel Semsel 106.0 Clark Olson 100.5
#935 Anthony Botzo 110.5 Scott Waggener 102.0 Mark Srebro 99.5
#943 Steven Weimer 120.5 Andrew Kopicz 108.5 Eno Sarris 107.5
#1026 John Pausma 117.0 Toby Guevin 113.0 Matthew Davis 108.5
#1027 Scott Jenstad 101.0 Mike Duggan 96.5 Justin Salinger 93.0
#1028 Ryan Atkins 112.5 Russel Wyatt 106.5 Jacob Halusker 103.5
#1029 Mark Northan 103.0 Rusty Clark 102.0 Scott Waggener 94.0
#1030 Rob Silver 107.5 Zach Bettencourt 99.0 TIE: Thomas Warne & Jenny Butler 92.0
#1031 Scott Fleming 112.0 Daniel Prepas 105.0 TIE: Stephen Marshall & Dustin Wagner 97.5
#1032 Mark Bendar 120.0 Shawn Childs 111.5 Tony DiVincenzo 102.5
#1034 Ned Donohue 123.5 Stephen Jupinka 118.0 Robert Cramutola 113.0
#1132 Jim Chun 100.0 Scott Masel 98.0 Eric Heberlig 96.5
#1143 James Anderson & Todd Whitestone 115.5 Mark Srebro 113.5 Michelle Smith 98.5
#1192 Robert Cramutola 132.0 Steven Weimer 116.0 Christopher Vaccaro 106.5
#1221 Michael Crescenzi 115.5 Bradley Libros 108.5 Eric Albright 104.0
#1226 Robert DiPietro 107.5 Patrick Longood 105.0 Michael Garcia 100.0
#1228 Charles Sommer 127.5 John Pausma 113.0 Mike Ballschmiede 107.5
#1233 Ned Donohue 113.0 Stephen Jupinka 109.5 Jon Stadtmueller 100.5
#1236 Daniel Prepas 112.5 Michael O’Brien 108.5 Clark Olson 94.5
#1244 Douglas Gruber 112.0 Jordan Epping 105.5 Andrew Geller 97.5
#1260 Kelly Uganski 121.5 Jeff Erickson 118.0 John Pausma 103.0
#1263 Kyle Brinkmann 119.5 Michael Brophy 113.0 Chris Uram 109.0
#1264 Bill Macey 121.5 Vlad Sedler 113.5 Brian Edwards 105.5
#1265 Bob Mazur 112.5 Tyler Jung 107.5 Aaron Jones 106.0
#1287 Aaron Lawson 106.5 Glenn Schroter 103.5 Zack Puckett 103.0
#1292 Mike Rothe 121.0 Matt Modica 111.0 Steve Gregovich 109.5
#1294 Scott Waggener 135.0 Dohn Terrell 110.0 Toby Guevin 103.0
#1297 Zach Bettencourt 122.0 Kevin Kirves 106.0 Richard Briskin 102.5
#1304 Richard Dimondo 108.0 Patrick Raney 99.0 Bryan Fitzgerald 98.0
#1306 David Miller 103.0 Dave Petroziello 100.0 Michael Thompson 91.0
#1318 Douglas Gruber 110.0 Jody Ryan 99.5 Emmett Ruland 98.0
#1319 Jeff Mitseff 111.0 Abdulaziz Madani 108.5 Bob Casale 106.5
#1320 Robert Mirshak & Ian Kahn 124.0 Daniel Baker 108.0 Philippe Dussault 107.0
#1321 Mike Rothe 117.5 Chris Fessler 113.5 TIE: Andrew Sullivan & Bradley Beckman & Geoffrey Stein 96.5
#1322 Ned Donohue 112.5 Kellen Arneson 111.5 Eric David 105.5
#1331 Bob Catsiroumpas 129.5 Bradley Libros 114.0 Robert DiPietro 107.5
#1332 Ben Tidd 126.5 Leonard Ringle 113.0 Chris Read 109.0
#1363 Scott Davis 112.5 Matthew McDonough 111.5 Paul Hong 97.5
#1364 Brian Slack 113.0 Stephen Jupinka 111.0 Al Williams 109.0
#1365 Scott Jenstad 126.5 Craig Clarke 118.0 Matt Hurley 117.5
#1366 Chris Boudreaux 106.0 Jeff Mitseff 103.5 David Bone 101.0
#1371 John Pausma 118.0 Jason Santeiu 115.0 Brian Slack 103.0
#1402 Ray Butler 119.0 John Lyons 114.5 Abdulaziz Madani 107.0
#1405 Zachary Waxman 113.5 Christopher Torres 110.0 Michael Lins 104.5
#1408 Les Travis 107.5 Eric Heberlig 106.5 Jody Ryan 105.0
#1511 Ian Hubbard 105.5 Scott Fleming 102.0 Beau Reid 101.5
#1524 Scott Waggener 111.5 Mark Srebro 107.5 Jamie Ickes 106.5
Average 1st Place Score 115.0 Average 2nd Place Score 108.4 Average 3rd Place Score 102.8

There are multiple NFBC players who are in the top three places in more than one Main Event league. Extremely impressive!


  • Ned Donohue – THREE 1st
  • TWO FIRST – Scott Jenstad; Douglas Gruber; Mike Rothe
  • Hall-of-Famer (and 2018 Main Event Champ) John Pausma AND Scott Waggener – two 1st one 2nd and one 3rd
  • Avid standings watcher Mark Srebro – two 2nd and one 3rd
  • Jeff Mitseff (one 1st and one 2nd)
  • My podcast partner Robert DiPietro, one 1st and one 3rd
  • Clark Olson and Toby Guevin (two 3rd)
  • ONE 1st ONE 2nd: JDaniel Prepas; Zach Bettencourt; Steve Weimer
  • Stephen Jupinka (three 2nd)
  • Crowd favorite Brian Slack; Robert Cramutola (one 1st and one 3rd)
  • Eric Heberlig (one 2nd and one 3rd)
  • Bradley Libros (two 2nd)
  • Abdulaziz Madani (two 3rd)
  • AND Philippe Dussault (one 3rd) – c’mon Phil!




Todd Whitestone

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