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June is gone, folks. We are now entering the second half of the year, and what a year it has been.

My life is all over the place right now so the streaming speed articles have been a little short because of it.

This year is passing way too fast, but apparently not as fast as some of our top guys over the last 30 days. We have guys going for the lead, guys slowing down a bit, and one crazy guy thinking his name is Forrest. With that, here is our top-20 guys over last 30 days. Hope you all enjoy!

Jon Berti 27 116 18 1 94,74%
Randy Arozarena 27 113 10 2 83,33%
Tommy Edman 31 137 9 2 81,82%
Adolis Garcia 28 121 7 0 100,00%
Jose Ramirez 28 121 7 2 77,78%
Marcus Semien 29 132 7 1 87,50%
Dylan Moore 25 67 7 2 77,78%
J.T. Realmuto 25 105 7 0 100,00%
Amed Rosario 29 128 6 1 85,71%
Jazz Chisholm Jr. 26 102 6 3 66,67%
Isiah Kiner-Falefa 23 89 6 2 75,00%
Jorge Mateo 28 96 6 2 75,00%
Kyle Tucker 24 101 5 0 100,00%
Dansby Swanson 29 133 5 3 62,50%
Trea Turner 28 127 5 0 100,00%
Julio Rodriguez 30 127 5 0 100,00%
George Springer 23 109 5 0 100,00%
Cedric Mullins II 27 117 5 1 83,33%
Luis Robert 26 116 5 0 100,00%
Bobby Witt Jr. 29 122 5 0 100,00%
Thairo Estrada 27 102 5 2 71,43%
Christian Yelich 28 127 5 0 100,00%
Nick Senzel 25 104 5 0 100,00%


Nick Senzel (10% rostered)

The second-fastest guy in Cincinnati is our first choice here.

Nick Senzel has had a pretty steady PT all throughout June, and he showed what he can do at the base path. He stole 5 bases this month and has a slash line of .294/.351/.318 with zero HR.

Safe to say you should not expect any great production from him, but steals are expensive. So if you are falling behind in this category, maybe this is one guy to help you out.

Jorge Mateo (12% rostered)

Mateo is a pretty well-known guy around here, right?

While he is tied for second in SB, after the frenzy of steals from Berti, Mateo may be the most solid guy to bet on when you need steals.

He has seven on April, six in May, and now six in June. He is on pace for a 35-plus SB season!

However, nothing comes easy. He is going to be a problem for you in other categories, especially on batting average, where he is hitting below .200. So please, evaluate your needs, and if you can secure the batting average elsewhere, he will give you the bags you need.


Steven Kwan (17% rostered)

Steven Kwan is another surprise on our list today.

Over the last 30 days, Kwan has stolen four bases, putting him at five on the year. It is not much, but it is interesting that a guy is starting to steal more bags when we are nearing the second half of the season.

If that is the case, Kwan can be a real asset for those in need of steals. He can get you some bags over the week, while still hitting at a good batting average. I am not sure if I am betting, but I am for sure keeping my eye on him as the season moves on.

Ramon Laureano (27% rostered)

Apparently, Laureno came to stay on our streaming options. He has stolen four bases over the last 30 days, putting him at seven throughout the year with a 70% success rate.

Now he has three in May and four in June, which seems to be the pace he is going to follow throughout the year. I believe we can expect this production from him in June as well.

The playing time for him is secure since he plays a good outfield, and the Athletics are not a really good team right now. Plus, his career batting average sits at .260 and his xBA is at .253, so we can expect an increase in production from him, which is always good, right?


Jon Berti (39% rostered)

This guy has been a beast on the base path. There is not much to say except please, for the love of everything you hold sacred, stream him.

Berti has been a stolen base fountain for fantasy players. He has freaking-18 stolen bases in June. Mateo has 19 on the year. He can’t stop running.

If that wasn’t enough, he is also slashing .297/.360/.376 in June, with 19 runs plus RBI.

Berti is a must for those in need of steals. So please, read the italic part of the first line again.

Christopher Morel (49% rostered)

To finish it up, we have the young speedster, Christopher Morel.

Morel has seven SB on the year and has converted four of those over the last 30 days.

He did not run as much in June as he did in May, but on average I imagine we can expect four steals from him in July. Of course, this is based on a sample size of 180 PA, but he also had 18 steals on the minors all throughout 2021 – 16 in AA and two in AAA.

Morel is fast and has shown a good enough hit tool. So if you have the spot, he can be a good addition, and depending on the league he can play MI, CI or even OF, so I would check him out.

Notable Mentions

  • Dylan Moore (1% rostered)
    • Seven steals over the last 30 days
    • .328 OBP in June
    • Batting average below .200
  • Isaiah Kiner-Falefa (19% rostered)
    • Six steals over the last 30 days
    • Secure PT
    • Slashing .274/.338/.342 in June
  • Jarren Duran (28% rostered)
    • Four steals in 57 PA
    • Slashing .327/.386/.500
    • Questionable PT

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