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Exit Velocity Readings

Why are exit velocity readings critical? It’s proven that the harder a hitter hits the ball, the better the outcome. Of course, there is a bit more to it than that, like launch angle, but overall it is an important metric. Max exit velocity is also important to look at because it tends to show the power output a hitter can have. This is why we track these stats daily in this article.

Your top max exit velocity readings from yesterday, in order: Shohei Ohtani, Luis Robert, Trevor Story, Tommy Edman, and Julio Rodriguez.

Catcher Ryan Jeffers went two for four with four hard-hit balls, a once-popular sleeper pick two seasons ago Jeffers has become an afterthought.

Oscar Gonzalez continues to hit well and yesterday he went two for four with two doubles and three hard-hit balls. He is someone that should be rostered in 12 and 15-team leagues.

Leadoff hitter Kyle Schwarber hit another home run yesterday in three at-bats where he also had three hard-hit balls.

Just as we thought, Oakland Athletics second baseman Nick Allen went one for four with a double and four hard-hit balls.

Lourdes Gurriel went one for four yesterday with three hard-hit balls. In the month of June, he is hitting .360 with a 159 wRC+ and .396 OBP but the power is still absent so I’m not sure how valuable this really is.

In his second game back from the injured list Jeremy Pena went one for five with two runs and three hard-hit balls. He should continue to produce moving forward.

Luis Urias, someone who I am a Stan for, went two for four yesterday with a double, a home run, three RBI, and four hard-hit balls. I’m really hoping this gets his going.

You don’t see this often but Jose Abreu had five hard-hit balls yesterday ad he went three for five with two doubles and two RBI.

The great Julio Rodriguez who will be a first-round pick next season went three for four yesterday with a double and four hard-hit balls. Man do I love him.

Swings and Misses

Why are swings and misses important? For pitchers, this can show their talent since the best pitchers in the world always have a knack for creating whiffs. The higher the whiff rate, the higher the strikeout rate. It’s also essential to view this every day to spot outliers. If an unusual name pops up on the list it could mean one of two things, either they are evolving as a pitcher or they just had a lucky day. This could help you catch emerging pitchers before anyone else does if it is the former.

  1. Luis Castillo – 23
  2. Patrick Corbin – 19
  3. Zack Wheeler – 19
  4. Zach Plesac – 17
  5. Brandon Woodruff – 17

My boy Brandon Woodruff is back! He pitched five innings yesterday against the Rays where he allowed just one run while striking out 10 hitters. Oh baby.

Back to the Year 2021

Marcus Semien went three for four with three runs, a home run, four RBI, and had four hard-hit balls yesterday. He is hitting .288 in the month of June with seven home runs, 18 runs, 15 RBI, and six steals. That’s a productive month if I have ever seen one. If you dig underlying stats, in June he also has a 141 wRC+, a .853 OPS, and a .231 ISO. The huge difference here is that he had a barrel rate of 8.3% in June and while it isn’t high it is a million times better than the last two months. So what is he doing differently? Semien finally stopped pressing. This happens when players sign big contracts but Semien seems to have settled down. He is swinging less at the plate, being more patient, ad making sure to swing more at pitches inside of the zone.

Back to the Year 2020

Zach Plesac seems to be turning back the clock to 2020. Yesterday against the Guardians he pitched six innings where he allowed zero earned runs with seven strikeouts. Since his seven-run blow-up on May 24th Plesac has a 2.00 ERA in six starts. That ERA comes with a 3.72 FIP, 3.99 xFIP, 15.4 K-BB%, and 0.97 WHIP. While Plesac has been pitching well it also seems a bit lucky as his BABIP is below his career normal and his left-on-base percentage is way above league average. With that said, ride the wave and enjoy it while it lasts. I consider him a fringe starter in 15-team leagues.

Back to the Year 2019

Speaking of turning back time, what the heck just happened with Patrick Corbin? Where did that come from?! Against the Pirates, Corbin pitched eight innings allowing just one run while tallying 12 strikeouts. Yes, 12. He got 14 whiffs on his slider out of 19 swings which means when a hitter swung at this pitch 74% of the time they missed. That’s insanity. This is something to watch because Corbin’s velocity was up over 1.5 MPH and if that sticks Corbin could go on a nice little run here.

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