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Exit Velocity Readings

Why are exit velocity readings critical? It’s proven that the harder a hitter hits the ball, the better the outcome. Of course, there is a bit more to it than that, like launch angle, but overall it is an important metric. Max exit velocity is also important to look at because it tends to show the power output a hitter can have. This is why we track these stats daily in this article.

Your top max exit velocity readings from yesterday, in order: Shohei Ohtani, Ryan Jeffers, Jared Walsh, Nelson Cruz, and Oneil Cruz.

Ryan Jeffers hit this ball 113.2 MPH it not only set a season-high but a career-high for him. He also holds a 15.2 Barrel% on this season, an impressive number. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get a lot of playing time and his batting average/contact skills are really bad.

The Angels first baseman Jared Walsh hit this ball 112.1 MPH which is a new season-high for him. His max EV is lower than last year but his overall exit velocity and hard-hit rate are up. Walsh is currently hitting .261 this season with 13 home runs, a 123 wRC+, and a .221 ISO.

I don’t bring him up much because we all know how amazing he is but Trea Turner went four for five yesterday with three hard-hit balls. He is now hitting .310 with a .847 OPS on the season.

Joey Votto continues to hit a lot better after his IL stint as he went two for four yesterday with three hard-hit balls, all of which were over 103 MPH.

Avisail Garcia is starting to wake up…finally. He went two for five yesterday with a home run, three RBI, and three hard-hit balls.

Utility man Marwin Gonzalez got the start for the Yankees yesterday and he went two for four with two runs, a home run, and four hard-hit balls.

Isaac Paredes was all over Nestor Cortes yesterday as he went three for three with three home runs and four RBI. There isn’t much here though.

The Braves new first baseman Matt Olson had himself a game yesterday with two hits, two runs, two home runs, five RBI, and four hard-hit balls.

Thairo Estrada went two for five yesterday with one RBI and three hard-hit balls. Estrada might be on the downtrend here as he is only hitting .230 in the month of May with a 110 wRC+. He does have three home runs and three stolen bases but was also caught twice. I’m not sure if he will be super useful moving forward unless you need speed.

We got to see Josh Naylor have a nice rebound game as he went two for four with a home run, two RBI, and four hard-hit balls.

Swings and Misses

Why are swings and misses important? For pitchers, this can show their talent since the best pitchers in the world always have a knack for creating whiffs. The higher the whiff rate, the higher the strikeout rate. It’s also essential to view this every day to spot outliers. If an unusual name pops up on the list it could mean one of two things, either they are evolving as a pitcher or they just had a lucky day. This could help you catch emerging pitchers before anyone else does if it is the former.

  1. Dylan Cease – 20
  2. Tony Gonsolin – 19
  3. Kevin Gausman – 19
  4. Zac Gallen – 18
  5. Kyle Gibson – 14

Zac Gallen is having the quietest 2.92 ERA season ever. I don’t hear people talk about him much but his season thus far has been flawless. He holds a 2.92 ERA, 1.01 WHIP, and a 24.5% strikeout rate. Just please stay healthy.

The True Dodgers Ace

Tony Gonsolin is on another level right now. Last night he pitched five innings allowing two earned runs with four strikeouts but it came with a whopping 19 whiffs. When you look at Gonsolin though you have to look at his stats from May on. Since May first he has pitched 51.1 innings in nine starts to the tune of a 1.58 ERA, 0.70 WHIP, and a 27.1 K%. This season Gonsolin has started to throw his splitter more than he has in the past and it has resulted in some fantastic results. His splitter this season has an impressive 17.6 SwStr% and 43.4 O-Swing%. Not to mention his slider has been downright filthy as well.

Building a Castle

We mentioned in the past that Ryan Mountcastle seemed to change his approach where he was looking to hit more for average as opposed to power and that better days were ahead. It looks like we were right except he is hitting for power now too. In the month of May Mountcastle is hitting .300 with six home runs, and a 180 wRC+. The increase in power seems legit with a 21.2 Barrel% and 63.5 Hard-hit%. It seems his approach has changed again because in June, to help get that power, he is pulling more and hitting more fly-balls. A welcomed surprise.

A Tiger Out For Revenge

Look, we all know Javier Baez has been atrocious. Worse than usual when slumping. But we all know what Baez can do when he gets hot and he seems to be turning the tide as we speak. In his last 10 games, he is hitting .278 with two home runs and two stolen bases. It comes with a 157 wRC+ and a strikeout rate of just 12.2% (cutting his K% in half). Personally, if he is on the wire I would be adding him because if he takes off he is really going to take off.

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