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Major League Baseball has now completed 37% of the season through Sunday June 12th. So how do we evaluate whether our teams have the capability of logging a heroic season? Well, it is a little known fact, outside the NFBC, but most of our 705 Main Event fantasy managers are laser-focused on how to earn saves. And when the going gets tough for saves, managers often think back to the Land of Far, Far Away, where Shrek – an ogre – figured out how to save Princess Fiona.

To those of you who DON’T play in the Main Event, you may not know this, but when Shrek saved Fiona, he provides all the clues you need for how to save. First, Shrek gives advice about where to LOOK for saves AND effectively divides up the workload between partners like most fantasy managers do:


SHREK: (putting on a helmet) The princess will be up the stairs in the highest room in the tallest tower.

DONKEY: What makes you think she’ll be there?

SHREK: I read it in a book once. (Walks off)

DONKEY: Cool. You handle the dragon. I’ll handle the stairs. I’ll find those stairs. I’ll whip their butt too. Those stairs won’t know which way they’re goin’.

Once you have one fantasy partner focused on getting to the tallest tower and the other working on the knotty problem of handling the stairs, then you’re halfway there. But you still have to remember that when you’re trolling for saves you should NOT hold onto preconceived notions about how to find candidates to fill that role. This fantasy lesson was provided by Princess Fiona, who you might remember had a tough time giving up on how she THOUGHT a save should proceed – just like we ALL did with Blake Treinen, Scott Barlow, Dylan Floro, and Matt Barnes:


FIONA: Hey, wait. What are you doing? You should sweep me off my feet out yonder window and down a rope onto your valiant steed.

SHREK: You’ve had a lot of time to plan this, haven’t you?

FIONA: (smiles) Mm-hmm.

Shrek breaks the lock on her door and pulls her out and down

the hallway.

FIONA (CONT’D): But we have to savor this moment! You could recite an epic poem for me. A ballad? A sonnet! A limerick? Or something!

SHREK: I don’t think so.

FIONA: Can I at least know the name of my champion?

SHREK: Uh, Shrek.

FIONA: Sir Shrek. (Clears throat and holds out a handkerchief) I pray that you take this favor as a token of my gratitude.

SHREK: Thanks! (Cleans helmet with handkerchief)

And then finally there is this last problem that Shrek highlighted – you roster a potential closer, but he doesn’t perform – you WANT to drop him, but he SIMPLY DOES NOT take the hint. What DO you do?


DONKEY: Please! I don’t wanna go back there (TO THE WAIVER WIRE)! You don’t know what it’s like to be considered a freak. (Pause while he looks at Shrek) Well, maybe you do. But that’s why we gotta stick together. You gotta let me stay! Please! Please!

SHREK: Okay! Okay! But one night only – THEN I’M CUTTING YOU TOMORROW

DONKEY: Ah! Thank you! (He runs inside the cottage AND ONTO THE ACTIVE ROSTER)

SHREK: What are you…? (Donkey hops up onto a chair.) No! No!

DONKEY: This is gonna be fun! We can stay up late, swappin’ manly stories, and in the mornin’ I’m makin’ waffles!

As you can tell, these are the guys that are just so tough to deal with…


The MLB Environment: Improvement Shown

Through Sunday 6/12, MLB hitters have been scoring just 4.33 runs per game, well below the 4.53 in 2021. However, this runs per game has improved sharply from the 4.08 average six weeks ago and has jumped up from last week’s 4.30 average. Perhaps the warmer weather is helping after all? This has been built by two main factors (see chart below):

  • Batting average is now at .241 (.232 six weeks ago and .240 last week –still slightly down from .244 last year).
  • Home runs are now 1.05 (from 1.22 in 2021 but up from 1.02 last week).
    2022 YTD 4.33 1.05 0.241
    2021 4.53 1.22 0.244
    2020 4.65 1.28 0.245
    2019 4.83 1.39 0.252
    2018 4.65 1.15 0.248
    2017 4.65 1.26 0.255

As we’ve stated previously, MLB strikeouts have been down and declined a little bit more this week to 8.32 (from 8.33) per game, and with walks also declining level to 3.15 (from 3.17) per game, MLB WHIP is now very slightly higher at 1.271 from 1.266 last week. Batters are definitely striking out less – almost as low as 2017.

2022 YTD 1.27 8.32 3.15 2.64
2021 1.30 8.68 3.25 2.67
2020 1.33 8.68 3.39 2.56
2019 1.33 8.81 3.27 2.69
2018 1.30 8.48 3.32 2.55
2017 1.34 8.25 3.26 2.53


Saves: 80% Target 2022 = 75

Even if you’re having a tough time dropping your closer speculative adds, you need to keep grinding on the saves front. While there HAS been less scoring in MLB this season, saves as a statistic have been running about the same as last year across all of baseball. Saves in the Main Event are trending a little higher than in 2021. In the 2019 Main Event, fantasy owners needed a Saves total of 73 to get 80% of the overall points available in this category. In 2021 (skipping 2020 because of the shortened season), that number decreased to 70 (about 4.1% lower). Thus far in 2022, a Main Event team would 28 Saves to get 80% of the points available – estimated at 75 for the full season, or 7.1% higher than 2021 (and 2,7% higher than 2019).

80% Updates on Categories Already Covered (counting stats adjusted for full season):

Runs: 1019 (378 currently)

Home Runs: 275 (102 currently)

RBIs: 1000 (371)

SB: Not Covered Yet

Batting Average: .2551

K: 1323 (491)

Wins: Not Covered Yet

Saves: 75 (28)

ERA: 3.333

WHIP: 1.143


Hade & Seek


But who are the pitchers that are providing the most help in Saves? In the chart below you can see – through Saturday 6/11 – the top 20 in saves (actually 23 are shown) along with their ADP. Of course, as we all suspected on draft day, Josh Hader is the saves leader with 18. But joining him – also with 18 – is Taylor Rogers. Rogers was a sought after reliever – but upon being traded to the Padres he has really become more valuable.

If you follow that up by assuming that any reliever drafted in the top 200 was a saves target to some extent (OK, let’s make it the top 209 to include Gregory Soto and David Bednar), then out of the top 10 in saves just one was drafted late (actually not drafted late – undrafted – Daniel Bard). And even out of those ranked 11-23, only Joe Barlow (ADP 239); plus Dany Jimenez, Clay Holmes, and Jorge Lopez (undrafted) were picked up after #209.

1 Josh Hader 18 33
2 Taylor Rogers 18 182
3 Kenley Jansen 17 89
4 Liam Hendriks 16 34
5 Jordan Romano 16 95
6 Gregory Soto 13 201
7 Raisel Iglesias 12 53
8 Daniel Bard 12 650
9 Edwin Diaz 11 68
10 Ryan Pressly 11 71
11 Corey Knebel 11 158
12 Joe Barlow 11 239
13 Craig Kimbrel 11 158
14 Mark Melancon 11 145
15 Emmanuel Clase 10 64
16 David Bednar 10 209
17 Dany Jimenez 10 751
18 Clay Holmes 9 742
19 Aroldis Chapman IL 9 85
20 G.Gallegos C.Doval J.Lopez E.Pagan 8 120; 180; 733; 629


Do I Need to Bid More? No!

Gabriel Moreno, the excellent catching prospect for the Blue Jays, was called up Saturday. And owners were certainly ready to bid for him – he was added in 46 leagues (and was already owned in the 47th league).

In addition, 9 other players were picked up in 25 or more leagues (see below). Other wide pickups were Jake Burger – 3B hitting well for the White Sox, Jason Adam – who might close for the Rays, Christian Bethancourt – another catching target hitting well, and Diego Castillo – who has gotten the recent save opportunities in Seattle.

ADDED IN MOST MAIN EVENT LEAGUES Leagues Added Reason Highest Winning Bid Lowest Winning Bid
Gabriel Moreno 46 Rookie C with PT 139 7
Jake Burger 45 Hitting well for CHW 111 16
Jason Adam 42 Recent saves for TB 103 2
Christian Bethancourt 36 Good hitting C for OAK? 111 9
Diego Castillo 32 Recent saves for SEA 121 15
Mitch Keller 32 5 ER last 4 outings 38 2
Matt Strahm 31 Saves in BOS? 79 1
Cal Raleigh 26 C opportunity in SEA 28 3
Anthony DeSclafani 25 Back from injury 55 1
Didi Gregorius 25 Back from injury 37 1


The Wow Bid of the Week

One of our highlighted features – the Main Event Wow Bid of the Week – goes to the largest bid of each FAAB period. This week that honor goes to a $227 bid for Washington starting pitcher Stephen Strasburg, which easily beat the runner-up bid of $47 (Strasburg was also won in one other league with a bid of $133).

6/12: Stephen Strasburg $227

6/5: Edward Cabrera $331

5/29 Ryan Helsley $312

5/22: Nolan Gorman $482

5/15: George Kirby $557

5/8: Brendan Rodgers $424

5/1: Eloy Jimenez $452

4/24: Jesse Winker $508

4/17: Matt Manning $475

4/10: Josh Lowe $613

4/3: Matt Brash $244


The Century Club Has 15 Members This Week

There were 15 players that attracted SUCCESSFUL bids over $100 during this FAAB run (up from 12 last week), and just 1 of those players had at least one winning bid over $200 (down from 4 last week – see chart below). The only players attracting multiple bids over $100 were the previously mentioned Strasburg (2), Tanner Scott (4) and Seranthony Dominguez (2). There were 21 successful bids over $100 (down from 36) and 1 successful bid over $200 (down from 6):

TEAM BIDS OVER $100 – MAIN EVENT Winning Bids over $100 Winning Bids over $200 Highest Winning Bid (FAAB $)
WAS Stephen Strasburg 2 1 227
KC Scott Barlow 1 0 163
NYM Taijuan Walker 1 0 159
MIA Tanner Scott 4 0 157
PHI Seranthony Dominguez 2 0 155
TOR Gabriel Moreno 1 0 139
DET Austin Meadows 1 0 139
SF Jake McGee 1 0 131
CIN Hunter Greene 1 0 125
OAK Sean Murphy 1 0 124
SEA Diego Castillo 1 0 121
KC Brady Singer 1 0 112
CHW Jake Burger 1 0 111
OAK Christian Bethancourt 1 0 111
TB Jason Adam 1 0 103
20 1


Average Main Event Team FAAB Remaining: $394

For the 11 FAAB runs thus far, the average Main Event team has won 20.9 bids this season (1.90 per week) and spent $605.83 per team. This dollar amount is just 2.3% lower than last year when $620.13 was spent per team through 11 weeks. This means that in 2022, the average team has $394 of FAAB left, so the resources are dwindling. The drop-off in spending will accelerate.

1 403 $7,962 $19.76 $11.29
2 1035 $36,124 $34.90 $51.24
3 1445 $46,026 $31.85 $65.29
4 1431 $44,112 $30.83 $62.57
5 1367 $37,945 $27.76 $53.82
6 1300 $50,280 $38.68 $71.32
7 1580 $58,965 $37.32 $83.64
8 1527 $46,398 $30.39 $65.81
9 1487 $36,434 $24.50 $51.68
10 1573 $33,085 $21.03 $46.93
11 1573 $29,778 $18.93 $42.24
TOTAL 14721 $427,109 $29.01 $605.83


Colosseum Stats: Four Players from Three Weeks Ago…Results: 1 Good Add out of 4:

Again this season we’ll be keeping tabs on the 4 most added players from 3 weeks ago to see how some of the biggest free agent acquisitions have been doing for their fantasy owners. These are the players acquired in the most leagues on the 7th FAAB run this season – on 5/22 (stats are from 5/23 through 6/12):

  • Nolan Gorman: 12-for-53 .226 AVG; 3 HR; 0 SB – Gorman has been good – he has provided power and added 9 runs scored and 9 RBI. The average is a little low and I’m still worried about the strikeouts (he has 23 in the 59 plate appearances in this three week period or 39%) and the fact that he doesn’t play against LHP. However with the fact that he’s hitting in a premium lineup spot and is showing power, I am scoring this as a WIN, even though this is not a guarantee of future success.
  • Johnny Cueto: 23.2 IP; 5.32 ERA; 1.31 WHIP; 16 K; 5 BB; 0 WINS – (and three losses) – Cueto did the worst with his first start after being added – against the Cubs he allowed 5 ER but then limited the Blue Jays and Dodgers to 3 ER each (to the extent fantasy managers started him in those tough matchups). Then he came in surprisingly in relief yesterday and did OK. The WHIP is good but the ERA is not. He’s not striking out many, but he is limiting walks. A lot of mediocre indicators to me – PUSH.
  • Tucker Davidson: 7.2 IP; 7.04 ERA; 1.96 WHIP; 5 K; 8 BB; 0 WINS – and sent down after two starts – not what owners had in mind – LOSS.
  • Kyle Freeland: 23.0 IP; 3.52 ERA; 1.13 WHIP; 14 K; 9 BB; 1 WINS – This is a little tougher to evaluate – he was largely added for the upcoming road two-start week (at PIT and at WAS) where he was highly mediocre – no wins and 8 K vs. 6 BB with a 4+ ERA. Then he since had two more encouraging starts – but one was at Coors Field so owners might have dropped or benched him. The stats are OK but not great overall – I’m going with a PUSH on this because it worked out to some extent over the three-week period.

2022 RECORD:

  • 11 thumbs up – 34% (full year 2021 24%)
  • 9 side thumbs – 28% (full year 2021 27%)
  • 12 thumbs down – 38% (full year 2021 49%)

The record of top adds in the Main Event is still ahead of 2021 through the first 11 FAAB periods. Main Event owners are consistently finding one good solid add per week thus far. Perhaps everyone is listening more carefully to Vlad Sedler (@rotogut)?

Interesting Single Team Drops

I took a look at the Main Event transactions to look for any interesting players dropped this week. These are players dropped just once that I found somewhat surprising, but you can decide for yourselves!

6/12: Brady Singer; Ha-Seong Kim; Jesus Aguilar; Jesse Winker; Garrett Whitlock; Anthony DeSclafani


Bob Cats Sir

Overall Rank: Thru 4/17 Fantasy Owner Overall Points Points Behind
1 Bob Catsiroumpas 5899.0 0.0
2 Mark Bendar 5819.0 80.0
3 Scott Jenstad 5746.5 152.5
4 Ned Donohue 5686.0 213.0
5 Robert Mirshak & Ian Kahn 5653.0 246.0
6 Douglas Gruber 5591.0 308.0
7 Matt Modica 5560.0 339.0
8 Tyler Jung 5522.5 376.5
9 Rob Silver 5501.0 398.0
10 Charles Sommer 5493.0 406.0
11 Bill Macey 5490.0 409.0
12 Kelly Uganski 5480.5 418.5
13 Richard Briskin 5468.0 431.0
14 Douglas Gruber 5451.0 448.0
15 Kyle Brinkmann 5450.0 449.0
16 Leonard Ringle 5447.5 451.5
17 Ben Tidd 5385.5 513.5
18 Robert Cramutola 5381.5 517.5
19 Chris Fessler 5370.0 529.0
20 Jason Santeiu 5323.0 576.0
Average Top 20 Overall Score 5535.9


Congratulations to Bob Catsiroumpas for taking the Number One position – and he wants everyone to know: “Please address me by my appropriate name – that’s Bob Cats….not Bob Cats alone but Bob Cats Sir!” That’s a fantastic name Bob – er, Bob Cats Sir, but where does this come from? He then pointed me to the Montana State website – which highlights the accolades of the Bobcats who are based in Bozeman, Montana. Apparently Bob Cat Sir is a huge fan of the team. Who would have guessed? Congratulations also to Mark Bendar, Scott Jenstad, Ned Donohue and the tag team of Robert Mirshak and Ian Kahn who currently occupy the 2nd through 5th positions overall. Also Richard Briskin, who is in 13th place, reached out to tell me specifically to inform me that the key to the game is to work ‘briskly.” “You need to go fast but you can’t hurry.” Excellent advice, Richard…

Congratulations to all of these Top 20 owners they have all earned our respect (they must be playing briskly).

BC MAIN2: Top Ten Picks for “Bob Cat Sir” from #14 Slot

Kyle Tucker; Freddie Freeman; Sandy Alcantara; Aaron Judge; Frankie Montas; Craig Kimbrel; JD Martinez; Scott Barlow; Akil Baddoo; Dansby Swanson

Wow – love those first seven picks!!!


Philippe Dussault: Back in Contention

The world took a huge sigh of relief this week as Philippe Dussault – who had fallen to 60th place overall – climbed back into the hunt at 38th position. Phil says he can now focus on fantasy baseball as he is back from his performance at the Queen’s Jubilee – and says he is now not fielding Rob Silver’s calls regarding whether the monarchy should be important to the average Canadian. He sent me this image to show the that he is now back to working on his regression models and says he can assure his fans that he’ll be back in the top 20 next week.


Where are our 2022 Previous Overall Leaders?

Tim Lilly (4/11): Tim has moved up to 279th from 310h place, and admits he has started to work on his Main Event team again. Apparently, he had workmen put in a 75-foot extension cord so that he can work on his computer from his garden of lilies but he is concerned that the electricity will surge through the wires and cause these delicate flowers “undue harm.”

Scott Fleming (4/18): Still doing well at 61st overall (down a bit from 41st), Scott has stopped worrying about the Dutch royal family because as he says “Philippe isn’t worried about royalty so neither should I.” Scott instead is planning to move to Flemington, New Jersey but says it “has nothing to do with the town name.”

Chris Read (4/25-5/8): Chris had an impressive three-week run at the top, and even though he dropped to 63rd place two weeks ago – he surged back to 47th last week and 42nd this week. He is excited because after starting his Reading, Pennsylvania speaking tour at the local 4th and 5th grade classes, he has been invited to address the Reading Chamber of Commerce where he plans to pitch his idea of establishing Reading as a tourist destination rivaling Paris and London.

Tyler Jung (5/15): Tyler is in 8th place (up from 11th), which is outstanding, especially when he is still on his “Welcome to the Jungle” tour in deepest, darkest Africa. He has been to Kinshasa, the largest city and capital in the Democratic Republic of the Congo – and is currently in Lusaka, which everyone knows is in Zambia. He did let us know that he is working in the Munda Wanga Environmental Park, which has a wildlife sanctuary and botanical garden, however.
Leonard Ringle (5/22-29): Leonard hung out a shingle on the #1 overall position, but was forced to take it down. This week he dropped a little from 7th place to 16th, but says he has his shingles for his eventual return to the top.

Mark Bendar (6/6): Right on the heels of Bob Cat Sir in 2nd – Mark says he is busy working with David Beckham on “their next movie.” Mark says he is practicing soccer on the fields of England and expects David to show up to practice alongside him any day now.



League of Legends

In addition, we’ll follow the individual league races this season. It is no small feat to win a league championship in the Main Event regardless of a fantasy owner’s overall place, and the top three in each league earn a cash prize and deserve recognition. You can see the 47 leagues listed in the chart below – along with the top three in the standings as of Monday morning.

NFBC League Number LEADER League Points 2nd PLACE League Points 3rd PLACE League Points
#934 Jason Anthony 116.5 Doug Moe 108.0 Clark Olson 104.0
#935 Mark Srebro 109.5 Anthony Botzo 108.5 Christopher Cooley 103.0
#943 Andrew Kopicz 116.5 Steve Weimer 106.0 Eno Sarris 99.0
#1026 John Pausma 114.0 Toby Guevin 106.5 Matthew Davis 95.5
#1027 Scott Jenstad 109.5 Tanner Bell 104.5 Mike Duggan 97.5
#1028 Jacob Halusker 119.5 Russel Wyatt 104.0 Nick Cassavetes 88.5
#1029 Mark Northan 107.5 Rusty Clark 99.0 Scott Waggener 93.0
#1030 Rob Silver 120.0 Zach Bettencourt 93.0 Clark Olson 92.5
#1031 Stephen Marshall 106.5 Daniel Prepas 100.5 Dustin Wagner 96.0
#1032 Mark Bendar 124.5 Tony DiVincenzo 104.5 Ronny Mor 101.5
#1034 Ned Donohue 128.0 Robert Cramutola 117.0 Stephen Jupinka 94.0
#1132 Eric Heberlig 102.5 Jon Engstrom 98.0 Roland Pinto 92.5
#1143 TIE: James Anderson & Todd Whitestone 110.0 TIE: Michelle Smith 110.0 Mark Srebro 103.5
#1192 Robert Cramutola 118.0 Christopher Vaccaro 112.0 Steven Weimer 104.0
#1221 Marc Fleisher 108.5 Mike Duggan 107.5 Eric Albright 106.0
#1226 Robert DiPietro 113.5 Patrick Longood 105.5 Michael Garcia 99.0
#1228 Charles Sommer 120.0 John Pausma 111.0 Jeffrey Bryl 97.0
#1233 Ned Donohue 120.5 Stephen Jupinka 103.0 Gregg Martin 96.5
#1236 Daniel Prepas 110.0 Clark Olson 104.0 Michael O’Brien 96.5
#1244 Douglas Gruber 122.0 Jordan Epping 108.0 Andrew Geller 95.5
#1260 Kelly Uganski 122.0 Vince Clemente 101.5 Douglas Roth 96.5
#1263 Kyle Brinkmann 116.5 Eric Heberlig 107.0 Chris Uram 103.0
#1264 Bill Macey 123.0 Vlad Sedler 114.0 Brian Edwards 109.5
#1265 Tyler Jung 121.5 Bob Mazur 108.5 Joe Morrison 101.0
#1287 James Gabal 97.5 TIE: Aaron Lawson 97.0 TIE: Glenn Schroter 97.0
#1292 Matt Modica 120.5 Mike Rothe 104.5 Chris Fessler 102.5
#1294 Scott Waggener 110.5 Jarrett Greco 102.5 Dohn Terrell 100.5
#1297 Richard Briskin 119.0 Zach Bettencourt 113.5 Douglas Gruber 103.5
#1304 Richard Dimondo 107.0 Patrick Raney 100.0 David Redgrave 97.5
#1306 David Miller 105.5 Brian Slack 102.0 Dave Petroziello 101.0
#1318 Douglas Gruber 119.0 JimJ Ferrari 102.5 Jody Ryan 101.0
#1319 Jeff Mitseff 116.5 Bob Casale 97.5 Andrew Sullivan 92.5
#1320 Robert Mirshak & Ian Kahn 121.0 Philippe Dussault 112.5 Daniel Baker 99.5
#1321 Chris Fessler 119.0 Mike Rothe 102.0 Aaron Jones 100.5
#1322 Ned Donohue 108.0 Kellen Arneson 106.0 Mike Cameron 101.5
#1331 Bob Catsiroumpas 127.0 Bradley Libros 106.0 Robert DiPietro 104.5
#1332 Leonard Ringle 119.0 Ben Tidd 113.5 Chris Read 110.5
#1363 Matthew McDonough 105.0 Paul Hong 102.5 Brian Magnani 99.0
#1364 Al Williams 108.0 Brian Slack 106.5 James Tomony 106.0
#1365 Scott Jenstad 125.0 Craig Clarke 116.5 Scott Waggener 105.5
#1366 Jeff Mitseff 102.5 Chris Boudreaux 100.0 Isaac Cockburn 98.0
#1371 John Pausma 117.5 Jason Santeiu 113.0 Brian Slack 109.0
#1402 Ray Butler 114.0 Shawn Childs 106.5 Abdulaziz Madani 105.5
#1405 Zachary Waxman 117.5 Michael Lins 103.5 Michael Secor 103.5
#1408 Eric Heberlig 97.5 Les Travis 97.0 Chris Avey 96.5
#1511 Scott Fleming 108.5 Anthony Palavis 99.5 Ian Hubbard 95.5
#1524 Mark Srebro 112.5 Jamie Ickes 106.5 Kareem Yostos 102.5
Average 1st Place Score 114.4 Average 2nd Place Score 105.4 Average 3rd Place Score 100.0


There are multiple NFBC players who are in the top three places in more than one Main Event league. Even at this early stage, that is impressive. Shout-outs:

  • Ned Donohue – three 1st and 4th overall – WOW
  • Avid standings watcher Mark Srebro – two 1st, one 3rd and 39th overall
  • The dominator Douglas Gruber – two 1st; one 3rd and 6th AND 14th overall
  • Jeff Mitseff (two 1st) and 46th overall
  • Eric Heberlig – (two 1st and one 2nd and 63rd overall)
  • Newly-inducted Hall-of-Famer (and 2018 Main Event Champ) John Pausma – two 1st and a 2nd and 24th overall
  • Podcaster for Rotowire and all-around smart guy Scott Jenstad (two 1st and 3rd overall)
  • My podcast partner Robert DiPietro, one 1st and one 3rd and 26th overall
  • Crowd favorite Brian Slack with two 2nd and one 3rd
  • 2016 Main Event Champ Rob Silver – 1st in his league, 9th overall, and a huge fan of the great Jeff Zimmerman
  • Clark Olson (one 2nd and two 3rd and 71st overall)
  • Scott Waggener (one 1st and two 3rd and 51st overall)
  • Robert Cramutola and Daniel Prepas (one 1st and one 2nd)
  • Zach Bettencourt and Mike Rothe (two 2nd)
  • Chris Fessler (one 1st and one 3rd)
  • Steve Weimer and Stephen Jupinka (one 2nd and one 3rd)
  • Matty Modica (one 1st and 7th overall)

Great job by all!

Good luck to all fantasy baseball owners, and if you can’t drop a failed closer – remember you can make waffles tomorrow morning!!


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