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As another week ticks off the calendar, and we roll into the middle of June, this is a time to examine your roster construction and look for those holes moving forward.  Injuries and ineffectiveness may have exacted a toll on your squad.  Hard to believe we are more than ten weeks into the season. Every team likely has room for improvement.  If you are anything like me (and here’s hoping you are really not, because you are better than me!), you are likely churning the bottom of your roster weekly to get the maximum benefit from your players.

Using Josh’s projection system, each week I try to uncover some players that may be able to help you in spots where you are lagging. I’ve heard from some of you that this helps you get your mind wrapped around your FAAB bidding (or equivalent), and I am hoping this piece does that for all of you at some point in this long season.

Let’s get to it.

Deep (15 teams) 15% rostered or less: Ha-Seong Kim 2B, SS, 3B (11%, 6.8 grade) 

I put Kim in this space a few weeks ago with the uptick in his playing time in San Diego due to injuries to guys like Fernando Tatis, Jr. and Wil Myers. Kim may never hit for a high average (and many hitters today do not as we know) but he can help you with power and speed; he has four home runs and four steals. What I like most about writing this piece is that I try to direct you to guys that are getting daily at-bats; we know it is a war of attrition often and we need those guys that can give us some quality while getting four or five at-bats nightly. Kim will get that to you, and Josh’s projection system likes him this week for a .9/3.8/3.5/.5/.269 line this week, and those are stats you can use at any of three infield positions.  Yet Kim is only rostered in 11% of leagues.  Consider changing that tonight.

Standard (12 teams) 30% rostered or less: Nick Senzel (30%, 4.6 grade) 

I know what you are going to do; I can feel your eye roll.  But let’s look at Senzel more closely. I know the stats don’t give us much to hope on: one home run, seven RBI, two stolen bases, and a less-than-robust .218 batting average. But, he’s healthy, and he’s hit .278 in 39 plate appearances this month. Moreover, he is getting those everyday at-bats we crave and he’s batting leadoff against every left-handed starting pitcher. There are signs of life here, and Josh projects him for a .4/2.3/1.9/.5/.275 line this week. Senzel could be a good plug-in for you if you are waiting on outfielders to regain health.

Shallow (10 teams) 50% rostered or less: Luke Voit (31%, 7.0 grade)

I will be the first to admit that I was drafting Voit at the beginning of the season with the idea he would be my corner IF guy and hit 30 home runs.  Ah, the folly of my thinking! Voit was fighting off injury early in the season and has gotten off to a sluggish start: five homers, 20 RBI, and a paltry .220 batting average. But similar to Senzel, he may be shaking off the rust now.  In 47 June at-bats, he’s hitting .234 with two homers and ten RBI. Yes, he has also posted 18 strikeouts during that span. One thing we know about Voit is that with health and playing time, he can go on a homer-hitting spree anytime. There could be one coming.  Josh’s system agrees: 1.3/4/4.6/0/.268. Roster him now before your league mates catch on.

Honorable Mentions

Trent Grisham OF (43%, 6.5 grade)

Grisham is a player that many fantasy pundits have been split on for the last couple of seasons. We have seen the power and speed combo and every fantasy player is looking for those 20/20 guys.  Yet Grisham has struggled mightily to a .181 batting average and four home runs and one steal. But he’s hitting .257 in 43 plate appearances this month, and is showing a pulse again. The other thing that caught my eye: he has eight walks in that span this month, and has scored 10 runs.  A cheap bid this evening could yield some bankable stats. Josh projects .8/3.8/3/.6/.271 this week.

Santiago Espinal 2B, 3B(39%, 5.3 grade)

Many players in my home league laughed at me when I drafted Espinal in the late rounds this past March. Yet savvy players know that he would get at-bats over Cavan Biggio, and that Espinal could be a great Swiss Army knife for their squads. And he’s been great for those who roster him: five home runs, 28 RBI, and three stolen bases to go with his .287 average.  What’s not to like here?  Add in that he can be a stopgap for you at both second and third base, and you have an extremely useful flex player on your roster.  Grab him while you can.

What teams have easy matchups this week?

Atlanta at Washington, at Chicago Cubs

Houston at Texas, versus Chicago White Sox

Los Angeles Dodgers versus Los Angeles Angels, versus Cleveland

Minnesota at Seattle, at Arizona

Philadelphia versus Miami, at Washington

San Diego at Chicago Cubs, at Colorado

San Francisco versus Kansas City, at Pittsburgh

Teams with nine games this week: none

Teams with eight games this week: Philadelphia, Seattle, Washington

Teams with seven games this week: Baltimore, Chicago Cubs, Detroit, Los Angeles Angels, Pittsburgh, San Diego, St. Louis, Texas, Toronto

Teams with six games: everyone else

Teams with five games: Los Angeles Dodgers

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