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I’ll start this article with some bad news, folks. Streaming speed is getting hard. Maybe too many people are reading these articles, and grabbing those guys (contains irony).

In the top 20 guys, only three of them are rostered less than 30%, and that is probably because they don’t have secure playing time yet, or because they can’t handle the bat very well.

Whatever the case is, this may be a hard time to stream, but let’s see what we can come up with, shall we?

Saint Louis Cardinals

The league-leading team is stolen bases also leads our list of teams to watch. The Cardinal has a total of 33 stolen bases in 37 attempts.


This places them with an 89% success rate in their stolen base attempts.

But, there is a catch in this team, unfortunately. More than half of these bags came from two players alone. Harrison Bader and Tommy Edman have a combined 18 SB so far.

What should we do? Well, gamble. The streaming speed scenario does not look good, so let’s bet on the team we know some of the guys are running. Here are some players to keep an eye on.

  • Brendan Donovan (3% rostered)
    • 1 SB in 41 PA
    • Playing every day since May 10th
    • Slashing .323/.488/.548
  • Harrison Bader (43% rostered)
    • Top 3 in SB
    • Secure PT

Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox are barely above league average in stolen bases, with 19 bags. However, they do have a league-leading SB% at 95%. Only one guy was caught stealing this year so far.

They may not run very often, but when they do, it is almost a for-sure steal. Also, the White Sox face three teams with above league average SB% allowed.

So who can we place our chips on? Here it is.

  • Adam Engel (0% rostered)
    • 49 PA until May 18th
    • 3 SB in May
    • Sprint speed at 94th percentile
  • Leury Garcia (3% rostered)
    • Sprint speed at 86th percentile
    • Batting average at .286
    • Had 3 SB in August last year

Oakland Athletics

For the second article in a row, the Oakland Athletics is one of our teams to watch. They have one of the most streamable teams for SB, and we are here to see who is worth our attention.

The Athletics are one steal away from the top-5 teams in SB and SB%.

They don’t have the easiest matchups to steal, but this should not be a problem to get some anyway. All of their hitters have at least one steal, and only five were caught. If you have daily moves, I would suggest aiming for the matchups against the Texas Rangers and the Boston Red Sox.

Here are the guys you can bet on for the next couple of weeks.

  • Luis Barrera (0% rostered)
    • 1 SB in 27 PA
    • Sprint speed at 78th percentile
    • Has three seasons with 10-plus SB in the minors
  • Ramon Laureano (39% rostered)
    • 2 SB in 53 PA
    • Solid PT
    • Got 8 SB in the first month of the year
  • Sheldon Neuse (47% rostered)
    • 4 SB in 137 PA
    • OBP at .336
    • Secure PT

Notable mentions

As always, here are our notable mentions

  • Eli White (8% rostered)
    • 8 SB in 8 attempts
    • Sprint speed at 99th percentile
    • Solid PT since May 9th
  • Josh Rojas (18% rostered)
    • 2 Sb in 45 PA
    • Projected for 12 SB on the year
    • Solid PT since May 6th
  • Jorge Mateo (38% rostered)
    • Leading the league in sprint speed
    • XBA at 80th percentile
    • 10 SB in 11 attempts

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