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Everyone has a pair of underwear that they only bust out when there isn’t another option. Laundry day gets pushed back a couple of times and boom. You’re reaching to the back of the underwear drawer. Sometimes it is a pair that is too big or too small. Sometimes it has a goofy print on it but for whatever the reason this pair of drawers is too uncomfortable to put into the everyday rotation. Today I am going to highlight some catchers that are equivalent to “laundry day” underwear. Players that you do not want in your rotation but when desperation rears its ugly head, you can turn to them. Basically, we are going to the back of the drawer here folks.

Streaming recap (5/6-5/17)

Ryan Jeffers .125 BA 0 HR 2 runs+RBI -18 wRC+ 2 fantasy points
Jonah Heim .194 BA 1 HR 7 runs+RBI 76 wRC+ 22 fantasy points
Elias Diaz .133 BA 0 HR 4 runs+RBI -11 wRC+ 6 fantasy points
Roberto Perez* .667 BA 0 HR 1 runs+RBI 290 wRC+ 4 fantasy points
Omar Narvaez .318 BA 1 HR 5 runs+RBI 177 wRC+ 25 fantasy points

*injured 5/7

Backstops with hot bats

Yadier Molina, St. Louis Cardinals (~15-percent rostered)

Yadier Molina has been in the big leagues for one hundred years. Seriously, it takes two and a half minutes to scroll down his Fangraphs page. Since May the first (31 PA), Molina is batting .290 with two home runs, twelve runs and RBIs, and a 140 wRC+. The way he is impacting the ball indicates how well he is swinging it. His 12.5-percent Barrel rate, 25-percent Line Drive rate and 50-percent HardHit rate are encouraging signs for the grizzled vet.

The St. Louis Cardinals’ upcoming schedule is good not great. Yadi will face the Pittsburgh Pirates, who have one of the league’s worst team ERAs. After the juicy match-up with the Pirates, the Cards play the Blue Jays, Brewers, and Padres. All three staffs have some dangerous arms, but streaming catchers can be an ugly business. Molina has three things going for him. He’s available in a majority of leagues, he is currently producing, and he gets the strong side of the catching platoon in St. Louis. That is enough to stream the veteran backstop.

Curt Casali, San Francisco Giants (~2-percent rostered)

Rostering Curt Casali in fantasy baseball is not something I expected to do when the season kicked off, but here we are. Casali has played in 78-percent of the Giants’ games since May eighth and has performed well in that span. The catcher is batting .421 (eight hits) and has bashed 3 home runs. Two of those dingers came in the same game in Coors but beggars cannot be choosers when it comes to streaming catchers. Casali does get a slight boost in points formats. His PlateIQ has been awesome. He has a 4.00 BB/K ratio and a .522 OBP. Stream Mr. Casali…*insert shrug emoji*…sure.

San Francisco will play against the Cincinnati Reds in their upcoming schedule. The Reds have a pretty bad staff. They currently have the second highest team SIERA (4.17) in MLB. Casali will also get a crack at the Philadelphia Phillies and San Diego Padres. Philly ranks 22nd in team ERA and the Padres rank 13th. The Giants will also play against the Mets who present a tough matchup for Casali. He has been good, and the schedule isn’t too scary so I guess it could be Casali time in fantasy baseball.

Favorable match-ups ahead

Gary Sanchez, Minnesota Twins (~42-percent rostered)

Over the next four series, the Minnesota Twins will play the Royals twice and the Tigers twice. A schedule so soft it makes Gary Sanchez a fantastic streaming candidate. Kansas City has the fifth-highest ERA and the highest SIERA in the entire league this year. Detroit has a decent team ERA, but they have given up the sixth most HardHit balls and have surrendered the tenth most home runs so far in 2022. The Tigers’ staff also does not strike out many batters. They rank seventh-worst in team strikeouts. Sanchez is getting hot, and the schedule looks great.

Since May 14th, the Kraken is batting .333 with two homers, eight total runs, and RBI. For reference that is his last 21 plate appearances. In this span, he is violently impacting the baseball. His 15.4-percent Barrel rate and 61.5-percent hard-hit rate suggest that he is earning his production. The recent success has raised his stock. Sanchez is not the number ten catcher on FantasyPros’s Player Rater. With the recent injury to Eduardo Rodriguez, there is a chance Sanchez only faces a couple of left-handed pitchers. Sanchez is currently having more success versus righties. He is batting .268 with a .268 ISO, and 160 wRC+. Sanchez is worth streaming given his schedule, but he may perform well enough to become a team’s new primary backstop in fantasy baseball.

Tucker Barnhart, Detroit Tigers (~3-percent rostered)

See a pattern here? It is good process to pick on pitching staffs in the AL Central. Just like Sanchez, Tucker Barnhart is set to meet two division rivals over the next four series. Barnhart and the Tigers (sweet band name) take on the Minnesota Twins and the Cleveland Guardians twice each. Since the beginning of May, the Guardians have the sixth-highest ERA, the second-highest SIERA, and the third-highest Barrel-percentage. Minnesota is not a soft as an opponent but have the tenth highest HR/9. Starting Tucker Barnhart does not bring on the warm and fuzzies but with his upcoming schedule, he may be worth streaming.

The Detroit catcher has yet to hit his first home run and rocks a measly .037 ISO on the season, but it is not all bad. Barnhart is batting .272 and will get the majority of catcher at-bats for the Tigers. Just like Sanchez, Barnhart has better numbers against right-handers. He is batting .288 and has over 70-percent of his runs plus RBI facing righties. There is only one projected starter between Minnesota and Cleveland. Things must be bleak to even consider Barnhart as a fantasy asset. Welcome to the catching position ladies and gentlemen.

For the uber desperate

Christian Bethancourt, Oakland Athletics (<1-percent rostered)

With the exception of Gary Sanchez, all of these potential streamers are rostered by very few team builders. But Christian Bethancourt is for the most desperate of desperate fantasy managers. Believe it or not over the past 15 days, Bethancourt has outscored Christian Vazquez, Sean Murphy, and Yasmani Grandal. His batted ball data is surprisingly intriguing. In a sample of 51 batted balls, Bethancourt has a Barrel rate of 12.3-percent and 45.6-percent hard-hit rate. He is also in the 84th-percentile in maxEV which has led his expected stats to suggest he should be more productive than he has been. Here is a little cherry on top. The catcher eligible player has two stolen bags. I get it, times are tough if any team builder is even thinking about rolling with Christian Bethancourt, but desperate times call for desperate measures.


So I have rolled out the top options. Presented reasons why these catchers could be worth streaming. Now here are my top five catchers to stream heading into the week.

  1. Gary Sanchez
  2. Yadier Molina
  3. Curt Casali
  4. Tucker Barnhart
  5. Christian Bethancourt

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