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Exit Velocity Readings

Why are exit velocity readings important? It’s a proven fact that the harder a hitter hits the ball the better the outcome. Of course, there is a bit more to it than that, like launch angle, but overall it is an important metric to look at. Max exit velocity is also important to look at because it tends to show the power output a hitter can have. This is why we track both of these stats every day in this article.

Your top max exit velocity readings from yesterday, in order: Ronald Acuna Jr., Jorge Alfaro, William Contreras, Giancarlo Stanton, and Pete Alonso.

William Contreras had a hit with an exit velocity of 113.4 MPH yesterday coming very close to his career-high. In just 19 plate appearances he now has three home runs with a 30% barrel rate. I chalk this up as a small sample but why not use him while he is swinging a hot bat?

In the second game of the Mets and Phillies series, Pete Alonso went wild going three for five with two home runs and four hard-hit balls.

In the first game of the Royals and Orioles series, Andrew Benintendi went two for four with four hard-hit balls. Benintendi is now hitting .360 on the season and could be having a little breakout here.

Colin Moran had three hard-hit balls as he went two for four with two home runs and six RBI. Not much behind this, just a good game.

Swings and Misses:

Why are swings and misses important? For pitchers, this can show their talent since the best pitchers in the world always have a knack for creating whiffs. The higher the whiff rate, the higher the strikeout rate. It’s also important to view this every day so we can spot outliers. If an unusual name pops up on the list it could mean one of two things, either they are evolving as a pitcher or they just had a lucky day. If it is the former this could help you catch emerging pitchers before anyone else does.

    1. Gerrit Cole – 26
    2. Daniel Lynch – 17
    3. Jordan Montgomery – 16
    4. Joe Musgrove – 16
    5. George Kirby – 15

I think Daniel Lynch is getting close to becoming something. In his last three starts, he has a 1.16 WHIP, 25.8 K%, and a 3.07 ERA. I think if he can figure out how to limit the walks he could become a very useful pitcher because he has a solid three-pitch mix.

George Kirby was extremely impressive in his big league debut. He looked fully in command and it’s because of his stellar command. He is a stud and I would snatch him up everywhere you can.

Tanner Houck Trouble

I think we are seeing what a lot of Tanner Houck lovers feared. Houck is being exposed because of his limited arsenal. In four starts and seven appearances, Tanner Houck has a 5.70 ERA and 1.39 WHIP. The good thing is that ERA indicators peg him as being a much better pitcher with a 3.45 FIP and 3.91 SIERA. To me though, I don’t see a sub-four ERA pitcher right now with his 11.9 K-BB% and the fact that hitters are laying off his slider waiting for the four-seam and are crushing it. If you have him on your roster hold tight and hope he figures it out.

The Week Of Cedric

Cedric Mullins started the season struggling big time posting a .210 average with just two home runs in April. He caught fire this past week hitting .333 with a 202 wRC+, two home runs, and a stolen base. I admit the power won’t be the same as last season but I think Mullins will be just fine. He looks to be on his way to being the 2021 Mullins we all loved to see.

Dunning Putting It Together?

I loved Dane Dunning as much as anyone coming into the season due to his two fantastic breaking balls but he couldn’t seem to put it together. The tides could be changing though because in his last three starts he has a 1.86 ERA, 17.6 K-BB%, and 0.78 WHIP. He is starting to throw his slider more and showcasing his curveball more at times as well. This is a welcomed surprise but his low fastball velocity will likely always limit his upside, with that said he is an add in 15-team leagues right now.

The Franimal

I had a ton of questions about Franmil Reyes and dropping him in the past few weeks. We have to remember it is only one month and you need to trust your process you can’t be too reactive and this is why. In the last five games, Franmil Reyes is hitting .522 with a 280 wRC+, one home run, and five RBI. I think he is finally turning the corner and what always kept me optimistic about him was the fact that he was still hitting the ball hard. Sure his barrel rate and hard-hit rates are slightly down but just by a little and they are still good numbers. Time will tell but I think Franmil Reyes is about to start hitting.

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Michael Simione

Michael Simione

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