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So my wife and I have been watching Moon Knight on Disney+. It is a really cool show, and I would definitely recommend it. Especially if you’re a comic book fanatic like myself. I won’t go into much detail, but it follows a supernatural superhero from the Marvel Universe. The show is filled with action, but it also has a ton of Easter eggs and secret meanings. I won’t lie, I cannot keep up with it all.

I like to be in the know. I’d prefer to at least be semi-informed about what is going on in Moon Knight. To do that I have to watch YouTube videos where commentators breakdown the show and reveal all the things that I missed. Team builders in fantasy baseball have to focus on many different facets of the game to put together a successful squad and sometimes they can’t see all the Easter eggs. Allow me to help breakdown a very important Easter egg…streaming catchers.

Streaming recap:

Jacob Stallings:                 .222 BA | 0 HR | 8 runs+RBI | 69 wRC+ | 21 fantasy points | Not bad

Max Stassi:                         .259 BA | 1 HR | 8 runs+RBI | 104 wRC+ | 19 fantasy points | Solid

Austin Nola:                       .161 BA | 0 HR | 6 runs+RBI | 40 wRC+ | 15 fantasy points | No bueno

Joey Bart:                            .158 BA | 1 HR | 5 runs+RBI | 115 wRC+ | 12 fantasy points | NOPE

Sean Murphy:                   .132 BA | 1 HR | 8 runs+RBI | 33 wRC+ | 12 fantasy points | Buy low

Backstops with hot bats

Ryan Jeffers (~3% rostered)

Since April 22nd, Ryan Jeffers has nine hits and 16 runs plus RBIs in 27 at-bats. That includes four doubles and three home runs. He is splitting time with Gary Sanchez (more on him in a bit) but that is the catcher landscape in 2022. Jeffers is making his at-bats count. His 58.8-percent Hard Hit Rate and 23.5-percent Barrel Rate show how well he’s impacting the ball. Jeffers does come with his blemishes. The catcher is prone to strikeout. He has a 31.7-percent K rate and has a 54.5-percent Whiff % on the young season.

The Minnesota Twins will play Oakland, Houston, Cleveland, and Oakland again. The Astros are not a hitter-friendly staff, but the A’s and Guardians rank in the bottom 12 for team ERA. The two non-Houston teams have 40-percent or higher Hard Hit %. Even if Jeffers is not getting the everyday at-bats, he is still worth streaming.

Jonah Heim (~22% rostered)

Believe it or not but Jonah Heim has performed at a high level so far this season. The catcher is slashing .353/.476/.676 with three homers and twenty runs and RBIs. His PlateIQ (BB/K Ratio) is an eye-popping 2.00 and his Chase % is at a career-low (19.8%). In the last five games that Heim played he has a .333 batting average, two extra-base hits, including one round-tripper, and added three more runs plus RBI. It is tough to envision where Heim plays more than Mitch Garver. The Rangers made a trade to bring Garver to Texas but that can work given catcher playing time in 2022.

Over the next week and a half, Heim will play at the Yankees then head home to play the Royals, Red Sox, and Angels. The new Yankees Stadium is a wiffle ball field and the rest of the Rangers’ matchups have bottomed half ERA’s in baseball. Heim might be the backup catcher for Texas, but he has been good enough to be a starting catcher in fantasy baseball.

Favorable matchups ahead

Omar Narvaez (~22% rostered)

So far in 2022, Omar Narvaez has been the primary catcher for the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brew crew will play the Braves, Reds, Marlins, and the Braves again. Atlanta has a good staff on paper but in practice they rank 22nd in team ERA (4.08). Even though they have been a better staff as of late, Atlanta still has the seventh-highest xFIP over the last two weeks. The Reds have been a soft matchup for opposing hitters. Cincinnati has the league-worst ERA, SIERA, and has given up the fifth-most home runs in the league. Narvaez can certainly capitalize on these matchups.

Narvaez has not had the start of the season that team builders would have wanted. The catcher only has one home run and a .098 ISO. He is still in the thick of the Brewers’ lineup and getting the strong side of the catching platoon. Also, Narvaez’s batted ball data looks pretty similar to what it has in the past. He is not making as much contact as he has in the past. This could be the stretch that gets Narvaez going.

Elias Diaz (~25% rostered)

Elias Diaz is still not rostered enough to no longer qualify for the streaming catchers list. The Rockies will play two series on the road and two series at Coors. On the road, he will take on the D’Backs and the Giants. Over the past two weeks, Arizona has posted a 3.56 ERA (16th highest) and the Giants have a 4.18 ERA (7th highest). Oracle Park isn’t great for hitters but all of Diaz’s home runs would have left the yard in San Francisco. When Colorado returns to Coors, they will welcome the Royals and the Giants. Kansas City has the fourth highest staff ERA and has surrendered the tenth most home runs in 2022.

Despite not being rostered by about 75-percent of teams, Diaz has been a solid performer so far in 2022. He has a .250 batting average and a 41.8% Hard Hit Rate. His expected stats suggest that he can be as good if not better going forward. Diaz has played in about 75% of the Rockies’ games and with his upcoming schedule, Diaz could be a great option at catcher.

For the desperate

Roberto Perez (~1% rostered)

Desperate times call for desperate measures and rostering, let alone starting, Roberto Perez is the definition of desperate in fantasy baseball. Why dive so deep into the catching dumpster? Because he will square off against the Reds twice and the Cubs in three of his next four series. I already mentioned how bad the Cincinnati staff has been, but the Cubbies haven’t been much better. As a staff, they have the seventh-highest ERA and have given up the second-most home runs.  Perez will get a crack at some weak pitching staffs.

Admittedly I didn’t believe there wouldn’t be a lot to get excited about in regard to Mr. Perez, but there are positives. He has hit two home runs, scored seven runs, and drove in eight. The Pirates’ catcher has solid batted ball data supporting his statistics. His 12.1-percent Barrel Rate and 51.5-percent Hard Hit Rate are encouraging indicators that Perez isn’t swinging a wet noodle. Roberto Perez is here to save the most desperate of team builders.


So I have rolled out the top options. Presented reasons why these catchers could be worth streaming. Now here are my top five catchers to stream heading into the week.

  1. Ryan Jeffers
  2. Jonah Heim
  3. Elias Diaz
  4. Roberto Perez
  5. Omar Narvaez

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