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Exit Velocity Readings

Why are exit velocity readings important? It’s a proven fact that the harder a hitter hits the ball the better the outcome. Of course, there is a bit more to it than that, like launch angle, but overall it is an important metric to look at. Max exit velocity is also important to look at because it tends to show the power output a hitter can have. This is why we track both of these stats every day in this article.

Your top max exit velocity readings from yesterday, in order: Giancarlo Stanton, Ronald Acuna Jr., Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Aaron Judge, and Anthony Rizzo.

Even though I am a Mets fan, it’s nice to see Ronald Acuna’s name up on that leaderboard!

Matt Olson popped his head up yesterday with four hard-hit balls against the Mets, each of which were all over 99 MPH.

Catcher Jonah Heim had three hard-hit balls yesterday as he went two for three with two runs. Heim is now hitting .364 on the season with a 243 wRC+ and three home runs. If only they could give him more playing time.

Bo Bichette continues to hit the ball well as of late as he went two for four with a double, three hard-hit balls, and an RBI in yesterday’s game.

The great Ty France just continues to hit as he went two for four last night with three hard-hit balls. He is now hitting .347 on the season.

Swings and Misses:

Why are swings and misses important? For pitchers, this can show their talent since the best pitchers in the world always have a knack for creating whiffs. The higher the whiff rate, the higher the strikeout rate. It’s also important to view this every day so we can spot outliers. If an unusual name pops up on the list it could mean one of two things, either they are evolving as a pitcher or they just had a lucky day. If it is the former this could help you catch emerging pitchers before anyone else does.

  1. Brandon Woodruff – 18
  2. Carlos Carrasco – 17
  3. Alek Manoah – 12
  4. Cody Poteet – 12
  5. Bruce Zimmermann – 11

Cody Poteet is just the name I expected to see today! What’s wild about this is the fact that it was in just 2.2 innings and a relief appearance. It came with a 28.9 SwStr% and Poteet now was three games with over a 20.0 SwStr%. Color me intrigued if he finds a spot in the rotation somehow.

What’s Wrong With Rogers?

I have been getting a lot of questions about Trevor Rogers as he continues to struggle this season. On the season he has a 6.14 ERA with a 4.12 FIP, 7.2 K-BB%, and a 4.61 SIERA. Most notable is the massive decrease in strikeout rate as it is down from 28.5% to 18.6%. Usually, when I see a strikeout rate go down I check to see the pitcher’s SwStr% since they usually correlate and Rogers’ SwStr% matches his strikeout rate as it is just 9.7%.

Rogers hasn’t made a pitch mix change and his velocity is equally the same. In terms of movement, the only thing I see is a slight decrease in both vertical and horizontal movement from his changeup. His changeup isn’t necessarily getting crushed but it definitely isn’t creating the whiffs it used to. I’m not sure an inch of movement would make that much of a difference and the location of the pitch is still fantastic just like last season. On top of that, all of his pitches still have the same amount of active spin. In other words, all of his pitches look the same.

His recent struggles seem to come from behind two things. 1) An increased walk rate doesn’t help as it sits at 11.3%. 2) His LOB% seems a bit unlucky at 53.0%. I think we have to remember that Rogers missed a lot of time last season and maybe the shorter spring training is hurting him. He has a career 9% walk rate so I think throughout the season he will get a better feel for his pitches, lower that walk rate, and become a solid pitcher again. It’s hard to see any real differences here making me think he is a hold and a buy low if someone is selling.


We saw Jose Miranda make his major league debut on May second where he went hitless. But yesterday in the second game of his major league career he went one for five with a double and an RBI. Miranda has some power to him as he hit 30 home runs in AA and AAA last season with roughly a 158 wRC+. The Twins are hitting him fifth in the lineup and in a league where a lot of hitters are struggling to hit for power he is a solid option to help with that.

Tommy Pham

Tommy Pham didn’t start off so hot but has really turned up the dial lately. In his last eight games, he is hitting .400 with two home runs and four RBI. In those games, he also has a 1.204 OPS and 239 wRC+ to further show how well he is seeing the ball. In last night’s contest, he went three for four with a home run, a double, and three hard-hit balls all over 98 MPH. I think Pham is in for a nice bounceback season.

Here Comes Witt

Bobby Witt Jr. like most rookies was struggling big time to start the season. Well, he certainly has turned it on, in his last eleven games he is hitting .341 with a 159 wRC+, one home run, and three stolen bases. In yesterday’s game he went two for three with his first major league home run, and two RBI. The young man has a ton of talent and I would love to see nothing more than Witt Jr. have a successful season.

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Michael Simione

Michael Simione

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