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Exit Velocity Readings

Why are exit velocity readings important? It’s a proven fact that the harder a hitter hits the ball the better the outcome. Of course, there is a bit more to it than that, like launch angle, but overall it is an important metric to look at. Max exit velocity is also important to look at because it tends to show the power output a hitter can have. This is why we track both of these stats every day in this article.

Your top max exit velocity readings from yesterday, in order: Giancarlo Stanton, Rafael Devers, Trevor Story, Kyle Tucker, and Matt Olson.

On yesterday’s podcast, I said I wasn’t a fan of Daniel Vogelbach and then he goes out and gets two hits on the night with four hard-hit balls all over 101 MPH. I will say, a leadoff power bat is pretty darn nice though.

Jonathan India came off of the IL yesterday and proceeded to go one for four with a double and a run. He also had three hard-hit balls and hopefully, he can have a better season moving forward.

Eric Hosmer had another nice night going two for three with a home run, three RBI, and three hard-hits. Hosmer will only give you average (maybe), his Barrel rate of 4.1% is atrocious and his hard-hit rate is the lowest it has been since 2018. If you have him rostered try to sell him.

There are a lot of haters out there but Alec Bohm continues to hit as he went one for three yesterday with an RBI and a walk. He hit the ball over 100 MPH three times last night and now has a .316 batting average on the season. I think he is a great speculative add if he is on the wire.

Charlie Blackmon, power hitter. But not really. Blackmon now has four home runs on the season after hitting two last night but his 8.9% barrel rate doesn’t exactly give you hope. Figure more of the same from last season.

Xander Bogaerts went three for five with two runs and a double last night. He had three batted balls all over 100 MPH and he is currently hitting .362 with a .887 OPS on the season. He is a stud shortstop.

Ex-Met Wilmer Flores always seems to be a bit underrated. He is a great player based on matchups and yesterday he had four hard-hit balls as he went two for four with a home run and four RBI.

Swings and Misses:

Why are swings and misses important? For pitchers, this can show their talent since the best pitchers in the world always have a knack for creating whiffs. The higher the whiff rate, the higher the strikeout rate. It’s also important to view this every day so we can spot outliers. If an unusual name pops up on the list it could mean one of two things, either they are evolving as a pitcher or they just had a lucky day. If it is the former this could help you catch emerging pitchers before anyone else does.

  1. Kevin Gausman – 19
  2. Brandon Woodruff – 17
  3. Josiah Gray – 15
  4. Patrick Sandoval – 15
  5. Carlos Rodon – 15

Even though Josiah Gray struggled to put up decent ratios it was nice to see the whiffs were still coming through, plus he had ten strikeouts. I think it’s a good thing to see that if your pitcher has a bad outing he can still give you something.

Daniel Lynch had 12 whiffs against the White Sox as he completed six innings with seven strikeouts. This was impressive, especially since the White Sox normally crush left-handed pitching. Lynch got a handful of whiffs from both his four-seam and slider making him a must-watch moving forward.

The Adames Show

Willy Adames was struggling early on this season and he finally had his breakout game. He destroyed Mitch Keller as he went four for five with two runs, two home runs, and seven RBI. He also had four hard-hit balls, all over 100 MPH. Adames is a fantastic player, one who can do a little bit of everything for your fantasy baseball team and I am excited to see what he does moving forward.

Sandy’s Strikeouts and Pitch Mix Change

Sandy Alcantara had a lot of people excited last season when his strikeout rate rose to elite levels in the final two months of the season. It was due to a pitch mix change where he went slider heavy. So far this season Alcantara’s strikeout rate sits at just 20.2%. It’s because, like last night, he is throwing his fastballs more, specifically his four-seam. I have to say, this is kind of odd. Sandy has never been four-seam heavy if anything it was his wonderful power sinker. The only thing I can think of is Sandy is playing matchups and the scouting report on the teams he has faced must struggle against four-seam fastballs and not sinkers. Either way, he is still pitching well, just not to the level most people were expecting.

The Forgotten First Baseman

After a rough 2021, a lot of people forgot about veteran Anthony Rizzo. Well if they forgot, they are certainly remembering right now. Last night Rizoo went three for four with three home runs, six RBI, and four hard-hit balls. On the season, Rizzo now has eight home runs with 18 RBI, two stolen bases, and is hitting .283. He also had a 231 wRC+, .450 ISO, and 1.144 OPS. The dude is on fire. It seems like every season one veteran comes out of the woodwork and performs at a high level and this season it might be Rizzo.

Severino’s Velocity

Luis Severino pitched well yesterday, in fact, he had a no-hitter through five innings. The problem here is that his four-seam velocity was down 2.2 MPH. If you look at his game logs here are his velocity readings from his first start to his fourth: 98 MPH, 97.4 MPH, 96.3 MPH, and now 94.9 MPH. He is still performing fine but when he was an elite pitcher he averaged between 96 to 96 MPH on his fastball. I’m a bit worried.

That Hansel Is So Hot Right Now

I don’t understand why the Red Sox won’t just let Robles be their closer already. In yesterday’s game Jake Diekman gave up three runs in .2 innings and Matt Barnes let up a run. Meanwhile, Robles pitched another clean inning before them. Diekman’s ERA on the season is 6.75 and Barnes’ is 6.35, what are we doing here?

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