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Almost 20 days of the MLB season have passed, and we once again have our streamers for speed for the next couple of weeks!

Some of our choices panned out and some of them were a complete disaster. But I guess that is the definition of streaming.

Every couple of weeks I will try to add different guys as much as possible, but I’ll be always aiming for the best ones I can find. Remember to check the notable mentions, and enjoy!

Deep league streamer (under 10% rostered)

Santiago Espinal (2B, 3B)

Coming into his third MLB season, Espinal has found a way to be an everyday player on Toronto’s lineup. Hitting mostly near the bottom of the lineup with an OBP over .300 and a sprint speed at 27.1, almost at the same speed as his teammate Bo Bichete, Espinal can bring some value to your team.

The Blue Jays will face the Red Sox, Yankees, and Guardians, and the three of them have catchers with a low success rate of getting guys attempting to steal. So if you have a MI or CI available for stream, Santiago Espinal may be worth your attention.

Tyler Wade (2B, 3B, SS, OF)

For the second article in a row, Tyler Wade is one of our picks for deep leagues.

With Fletcher coming back from a hip injury, Wade may get plenty of PA over the next couple of weeks to make it worth your streaming pick.

While we expect regression to come, you should enjoy how Wade is handling the bat! The left-handed hitter has an above .300 batting average, which provides plenty of chances to steal some bags. And over the next couple of weeks, the Angels have some nice matchups where he could get some steals.

If you are in need of steals, he seems to be an ideal streamer in most formats.

Standard league streamer (under 30% rostered)

Jorge Mateo (2B, SS, OF)

From the notable mentions of the last article to the first standard streamer here.

With a nice batting average for a nine-hole hitter, Mateo is getting some attention in the fantasy circles. He went from 3% rostered to 14% in just two weeks.

By getting a stolen base in almost every series this year, Mateo is one of the best speed-streamers you can get. He is handling the bat quite well and has some matchups that could work in his favor. With the exception of the Royals and Salvy Perez, the Yankees, Red Sox, and Twins are teams where if he can get on base, the steals will come.

I know this may be the emotions getting the best off of me, but we could see a thirty-steal season if he can keep this pace, so why would you not want a part of this?

Joey Wendle (2B, 3B, SS)

Over his entire career, Wendle has been about 70th percentile for sprint speed at the MLB level. He has had seasons where he is almost as fast as Tyler Wade and is showing an elite K-rate this year already.

That said, he has a problem because he doesn’t play every day for Miami. From what we could see so far, the Marlins plan to sit Wendle against LHP, but I wouldn’t be too concerned about this.

He has shown in the past that he brings the ability to swipe bags to his game. Over the last three seasons, he had eight-plus steals (not taking 2020 into account), topping sixteen in 2018 over 545 PA.

And last but not least, Miami has some matchups he could take advantage of, especially against the Nationals and Diamondbacks. So if you have a spot for him, why not?

Shallow league streamer (under 50% rostered)

Jeremy Peña

The rookie shortstop of the Houston’s starts our couple of players to stream in shallow leagues. The season is entering its fourth week of games, but Peña is already coming in hot!

The 24-year-old is batting above .300, playing almost every day, and is only 44% rostered.

With Altuve on the injured list, Peña apparently will get the leadoff spot in the lineup, and if it is expected for him to fill the hole Altuve left, he may get some shots running the bases.

Last year Peña had five stolen bases in just 133 PA at triple-A, so steals are not unfamiliar to him.

With Altuve out the next couple weeks, Peña may provide you not only the steals with his elite 28.5 sprint speed, but some runs as well if he can keep the job hitting leadoff. So if he is on the wire, maybe give the rookie a chance.

Tommy Pham

Hoping he can get out of the slump from the beginning of the season, Tommy Pham is our last pick to stream speed.

The left-fielder is currently being rostered at 36% and is projected to have at least 13 steals on the season. Since the Reds don’t have the stacked outfield they used to, Pham could bring some value to your fantasy team as an everyday outfielder.

He may face some issues running against Colorado and Elias Diaz in this two-week stint but should be fine the rest of the way.

Last year he collected 10 steals in just two months (May and June), and his xBA (.251) is significantly higher than the actual batting average (.147), so if he can get a little lucky over the next couple of weeks, I don’t see why this wouldn’t pan out.

Notable Mentions

Kiner-Falefa (SS)

  • 17% rostered
  • Secure playing time at SS
  • Elite sprint speed

Steven Duggar (OF)

  • 1% rostered
  • 4 SB in 34 PA at the start of the season
  • Pretty much an everyday player

Raimel Tapia (OF)

  • 14% rostered
  • 20 SB last year
  • May get the PA with Teoscar Hernández on the IL

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