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No recap for today since our pick Josiah Gray’s start was postponed and it looks like he will be pitching today. Merrill Kelly’s start on the other hand was supposed to be today but it looks like the Diamondbacks are going to skip his start? Super odd.

Today’s Streamer (Under 30% rostered)

It’s our streamer of the week (although he hasn’t been officially announced)! Our pick is Josiah Gray against the Arizona Diamondbacks who have been one of MLB’s worst offenses so far this season. Their zone contact and line-drive rates have been bottom of the barrel and they have been striking out a ton against right-handed hitters. Josiah Gray can certainly produce strikeouts making this a match made in heaven. The other option is Cole Irvin who has a good matchup against Baltimore. The Orioles are towards the bottom in zone contact and swing strike percentage. Irvin isn’t very good though. Last season I learned to lean more on a pitcher’s skill set as opposed to their opponent so I am taking a shot with Kelly here.

Deep League Streamer (Under 15% rostered)

We will use Cole Irvin here since he is only rostered in 5% of leagues. Another option is Joan Adon as he takes on the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks only have an 84 wRC+ (as of Sunday) on the year and are bottom five in line drive percentage. Adon is certainly a viable option. Carlos Hernandez is also a decent option for deep leagues as he takes on the Twins whose offense has been anemic.

Shallow League Streamer (Under 50% rostered)

Josiah Gray is your shallow league option.

Future Picks

Wednesday 4/20: Daulton Jefferies (bad streaming day)

Thursday 4/21: Tyler Wells

Friday 4/22: Jameson Taillon

Saturday 4/23: Nestor Cortes Jr.

Sunday 4/24: Aaron Ashby

Streamer Chart

Please make sure to check out our wonderful Streamer Chart! It will show you all streaming options for the week as well as ratings for each one, this way you can find the best option available for your league. I also want to note that if you love the Streamer Chart and wish you could see all starting pitchers, you can! Join our SPS Elite Membership to get this special perk!

Streamer Chart

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Michael Simione

Michael Simione

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