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Before we get into the usual I wanted to let you all know there will be a major update tomorrow with the chart and you all should be very excited!

Let’s start off our streamer article with two statements. Zach Eflin, I’m not mad I’m disappointed. Kyle Wright needs to be picked up everywhere.

Eflin just didn’t have it today as he got attacked early and gave up four quick runs. He did seem to settle down but as of right now I haven’t seen the swing and miss stuff pop up. I would hold off for now but keep a close eye on him.

Kyle Wright has been flat-out fantastic so far this season. In 11 innings he has a 1.64 ERA and a 33.3 K-BB%, both are elite numbers. He continues to get whiffs and has been virtually unhittable. If he is somehow still on your waiver wire he needs to be added now.

Today’s Streamer (Under 30% rostered)

We have our streamer of the week! Carlos Carrasco is criminally under-rostered so far this season. Carrasco has Ace potential it has always been a matter of health and so far he looks pretty healthy.

The Arizona Diamondbacks’ offense has been straight up non-exsistant as they are last in the league in wRC+. wRC+ is a great way to measure offense and is one of the better all-encompassing stats for offensive production.

I am also adding Jameson Taillon to the mix as we will be going with two picks now! Taillon looked fantastic in his first start as his fastball looked straight-up dominant. He takes on the Orioles in what should be a relatively easy matchup.

Deep League Streamer (Under 15% rostered)

Matt Manning was impressive in his season debut, although he didn’t get a lot of strikeouts he did hold down his ratios. It looks like Manning is taking a step forward from last season and he is a solid option against the Royals offense.

If you want to risk it for the biscuit, Tyler Wells takes on the Yankees and is weirdly super high in Stuff+ so there might be something there.

Shallow League Streamer (Under 50% rostered)

Jameson Taillon and Carlos Carrasco.

Future Picks

Sunday 4/17: Nestor Cortes Jr. @BAL

Streamer Chart

Please make sure to check out our wonderful Streamer Chart! It will show you all streaming options for the week as well as ratings for each one, this way you can find the best option available for your league. I also want to note that if you love the Streamer Chart and wish you could see all starting pitchers, you can! Join our SPS Elite Membership to get this special perk!

Streamer Chart

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