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Tylor Megill, our streamer of the day, cruised through the Philadelphia Phillies offense. Megill pitched 5.1 innings allowing zero runs and striking out five. I said this on Twitter and I will say it again. I’m no scout, yes I am a Mets fan, and yes Megill has only pitched in two starts but Megill looks like an Ace. He changed his delivery to mimic taller better pitchers like Zack Wheeler and he also reshaped his breaking ball. If he is somehow on your waiver wire, run. If he is obtainable, trade for him. I am fully bought in.

Today’s Streamer (Under 30% rostered)

We go from having a thousand options yesterday to only about six and boy are they all a doozy! In a bad way. Our highest rating of the day is just 6.6 which basically means I do not suggest streaming today. But if you must my pick would be Nick Lodolo. I know I know “Mike this is against everything you taught us!” Yes, I always say not to stream rookies for their first start but he has the best matchup out there. Look at these options:

Josiah Gray @ ATL – High strikeout upside? Sure but he does get blown up from time to time and the Braves offense is scary.

Merrill Kelly vs HOU – I love that Kelly’s velocity is up and I think it means everything but against Houston I just can’t do it.

Zach Thompson vs CHC – Okay this option isn’t terrible but I want to see what Thompson gives us first.

Chris Paddack vs LAD – No shot.

Dallas Keuchel vs SEA – Not a fan.

Can you blame me for breaking our rule?

Deep League Streamer (Under 15% rostered)

Nick Lodolo is 16% rostered which means I can’t pick him *sigh* why can’t I cheat? Okay, we will roll with Merrill Kelly as our deep league option and hope he makes it out alive.

Shallow League Streamer (Under 50% rostered)

Nick Lodolo – make me proud!

Future Picks

Thursday 4/14: Brad Keller vs DET

Friday 4/15: Zach Eflin @ MIA

Saturday 4/16: Carlos Carrasco vs ARI *Streamer of the week*

Sunday 4/17: Nestor Cortes Jr. @BAL

Streamer Chart

Please make sure to check out our wonderful Streamer Chart! It will show you all streaming options for the week as well as ratings for each one, this way you can find the best option available for your league. I also want to note that if you love the Streamer Chart and wish you could see all starting pitchers, you can! Join our SPS Elite Membership to get this special perk!

Streamer Chart

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Michael Simione

Michael Simione

Michael Simione is the owner of He started the blog based on a Twitter account he created back in 2018. He specializes in pitching as well as streaming pitchers. He most importantly is a die-hard Mets fan.

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