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You may recall that last season, we at SP Streamer did a weekly piece on hitters to stream for the coming week. We are going to do the same this year, except we will be using the wisdom of Josh St. Marie’s chart to help us find low-rostered hitters that could provide benefit to you as you prepare for your weekly FAAB run. Any hitter that might be flying under the radar, or some up-and-coming player that people may not be hot after yet, will be the guys we are looking for here. We are looking for any advantage we can get over our competition.  I will scan these rankings each Saturday night to find players for you to gamble on with your FAAB bids on Sunday.

One thing we decided to do differently is to look for hitters based on the depth of your league. So, we will look for hitters in deep, standard, and shallow leagues to add for the coming week.

Let’s take a look here and see what we may find.

Deep (15 teams): 15% rostered or less: For those in deeper leagues, we need a more fine-toothed comb to find options that will help us this week. I can feel the eye rolls already, but Josh’s system and my own scouring eye turn to perennial prospect Nick Senzel of the Cincinnati Reds. His substantial injury history has caused him to go undrafted in many leagues; he’s rostered in only 10% of leagues, according to Fantasypros. But for the first time in years, he looks fully healthy.  Manager David Bell gushed about Senzel after Friday’s game and how well he is playing center field.  Interesting to note, he’s batted sixth in both games so far. The pressure seems to be low and he’s in a spot with a full-time job where he can produce if he is healthy.  Steamer projects 15 home runs and 14 stolen bases.  Similar to his teammate Tommy Pham listed here as well, these are great stats to find on your waiver wire. And Josh’s projected system shows this for Senzel this week: .6 HR, 2.3 runs, 2.4 RBI, .7 SB, .254 batting average, .304 OBP, and .416 slugging for a weekly score of 5.2.  And I think Senzel is a guy who can help you and if he stays healthy, could help you all year.

Honorable Mention:  Elias Diaz, Josh Harrison.

Standard (12 teams): 30% rostered or less: Patrick Wisdom (OF, 3B). I know the jury in the fantasy world is out on Wisdom, and rightfully so. The potential for a bevy of strikeouts and a side helping of terrible batting average scares people away.  Instead, let’s look at what he is:  a source of cheap power with multiple position eligibility. Rostered in only 28% of leagues according to Fantasypros, Wisdom hit 28 home runs in only 375 at-bats last year. I would argue that the .231 batting average doesn’t hurt you that badly that you should ignore the power.  Steamer doesn’t love the batting average this year at a projected .211, but that is not what you roster Wisdom for. You roster him for power and the hope he goes off on a 3-4 homer binge in a given week.  And you can play him in your OF, 3B, utility, or corner infield spot. Steamer projects 25 home runs this year, and don’t forget, he also chips in with the occasional stolen base. Worth a stream at this price to see what you get. For the coming week, Josh projects a score of 1.1 HR, 3.6 runs, 3.9 RBI, .2 SB, a .237 batting average, a meager .285 OBP, and .471 slugging. Not bad for waiver wire fodder.

Honorable mention: Alejandro Kirk, Harrison Bader

Shallow (10 teams): 50% rostered or less: Tommy Pham. Yes, Pham is 34 and doesn’t have a hit yet on the young season. But he has walked three times and stolen a base in two games for the Cincinnati Reds.  Moreover, look at his lineup placement: he’s batting third in a new-look (cheap) lineup. The best part of it is that he escapes San Diego and their playing time logjam and seems to have an everyday job. He will be hitting in front of Joey Votto, which means when on base, he will get a chance to run based on Votto’s patience at the plate.  Steamer projects Pham to hit .258 with 19 homers and 13 steals. Any fantasy team would love to add those stats from the waiver wire. Pham is rostered in only 47% of leagues. Josh’s rating system projects this for the week: .9 HR, 3.1 runs, 3.3 RBI, .7 SB, .250 batting average, .333 OBP, and .433 slugging for a score of 6.5. Not bad for the waiver wire!

Honorable mention: Rowdy Tellez, Milwaukee Brewers

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