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Here at SP Streamer, we like to hold a high standard when it comes to streaming pitchers. They must pitch at least five innings for us to be qualified as a win. Merill Kelly had a fantastic start for us with zero earned runs and seven strikeouts but he only went four innings. This gives us a streaming loss leaving our record sitting at 1-1. Overall two great picks to start the season though. Kelly is an interesting case right now as his velocity is near 93 MPH and he pitched really well in his first outing. If you streamed him I see him as a hold.

Today’s Streamer (Under 30% rostered)

For our streamer of the day, we are going with a pitcher who has one of the finest mustaches in the game, Mile Mikolas. Mikolas isn’t a strikeout type of pitcher but he is exceptional at creating weak contact. After missing most of 2021 Mikolas is back in the rotation and will be facing off against a weak Pittsburgh Pirates offense. If Mikolas can use his slider effectively he should cruise through this start. If you are looking for a win, quality start, or solid ratios Mikolas is your pick.

There are also a few fun options for today. Nick Pivetta has become a pitcher everyone wants because the great Phil Dussault revealed he is in on him. A matchup against the Yankees makes this start a tough pill to swallow.

Mitch Keller will make his debut against the St. Louis Cardinals! Keller has raised his fastball velocity by four MPH! I am very curious to see how Keller performs against this tough offense. If you can stomach the possible floor here, Keller is a nice speculative add for strikeouts.

Justin Steele grabs a matchup against the Brewers and I find him to be an intriguing pitcher. He has a ton of movement and has been working on a new pitch so I am curious to see how he pans out.

Deep League Streamer (Under 15% rostered)

Miles Mikolas is only 4% rostered so he is our deep league option as well!

Shallow League Streamer (Under 50% rostered)

I screwed up yesterday and had Gibson starting when it was really Aaron Nola and to punish myself I will not allow him to be an option. For you, the clear shallow pick is Kyle Gibson but for me, it’s the Miles Mikola show!

Future Picks

Sunday 4/10: Zach Eflin – Stream of the week.

Monday 4/11: Luis Patino

*Every Sunday will be a big update day for us where I will extend the chart a full week out.

Streamer Chart

Please make sure to check out our wonderful Streamer Chart! It will show you all streaming options for the week as well as ratings for each one, this way you can find the best option available for your league. I also want to note that if you love the Streamer Chart and wish you could see all starting pitchers, you can! Join our SPS Elite Membership to get this special perk!

Streamer Chart

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Michael Simione

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