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The amazing thing about Fantasy Baseball Twitter is the number of resources it brings. There are tons of Patreon’s and Subscriptions run by independent parties that could benefit you more than anything the “big name” websites can bring to the table.

With the baseball season approaching (it will start on time shut up) I thought it would be a great idea to highlight some of the tools that fantasy baseball Twitter can bring you. All of these are run by people who work hard not for money but do it solely because of their love for the game.

Fantrax Toolshed Patreon

The Fantrax Toolshed Patreon is run by the co-hosts of the Fantrax Toolshed Podcast, Eric Cross and Chris Clegg.

Chris Clegg and his beautiful southern accent have been on a quick ascent to becoming a household name within the industry. His writing capabilities have led him to become a Senior MLB Writer for Fantrax and one of the go-to names for prospects.

Chris is extremely devoted to his work, so much so that during the fall he was attending games to film players. I luckily got to meet Chris in person last October and he is extremely knowledgeable as well as approachable when it comes to baseball.

Eric Cross is by far the hardest-working writer on Twitter. No one compares to Eric. Eric has a day job, handles two kids on his own, and still pumps out quality content on a daily basis. Eric is the lead writer and prospect analyst at Fantrax. To be honest, Eric is Fantrax. He is a big reason as to why they are growing their brand.

To further justify how great of a writer Eric really is, he was most recently nominated for the Writer of the Year award by the FSWA. Very few writers can say they have been nominated and this is a huge accomplishment for Eric.

The Fantrax Toolshed Patreon comes with different levels in terms of pricing. It can cost anywhere from $1 a month to $30 a month. This Patreon comes with benefits such as a Discord chat, dynasty ADP, bonus podcast episodes, projections, AMA’s, and more. Essentially if you are in a dynasty league this is a must purchase.

Link to join:

Reliever Recon

Reliever Recon was founded by Greg Jewett but also has other content producers such as Aaron Pags and Nate Marcum.

Greg Jewett, the founder, is also the head bullpen writer for the website The Athletic. I’m not sure anyone knows bullpens better than Greg and a lot of other bullpen writers tend to look to him for advice. Greg is extremely knowledgeable and thorough with his approach. He looks into numbers differently than most and always uses visuals to explain his narrative.

Greg is another writer who I got to meet briefly in Arizona. We actually sat near each other while watching an Arizona Fall League game. I also got to watch a panel that Greg was on and learned a lot from him in those 45 minutes.

The Reliever Recon Patreon will blow your mind. I would know because I have it myself. It comes with deep dives, consensus rankings, ADP analysis, and even a podcast. If you are someone who struggles with figuring out bullpens for fantasy baseball (like me) this Patreon will be the most valuable membership you can possibly purchase. Oh and it’s only $3 a month.

I think their Patreon page describes it best.

Greg’s Closer Charts, Focused Player Profiles, Tiered RP Rankings for ALL League Types, Weekly Podcasts, Sunday FAAB Help Videos, and Every Tool You Need to Eliminate the Stress of Relievers in Fantasy Baseball.

Become a Patron and Learn How Middle Relievers can Accrue Wins. Maximize Weekly Match-ups and Be Ahead of the Waiver Wire Crowd.

Reliever Recon, just like MLB Relief Pitcher Usage Patterns, Will Adapt Throughout the Fantasy Baseball Season to Provide You with the Best Bullpen Coverage Anywhere!

Link to join:

SK Playbook

SK Playbook is a fairly young website but it packs a lot of punch. It is run by both Mike Kurland as well as Jorge Montanez.

Mike Kurland is a writer for and was also nominated for an FSWA award in 2019. He is the host of the Bases Loaded Podcast but you might know him from his ever-so-popular Lineup Takeaways.

Mike really shined when we came up with a fantastic idea, to track spring training lineups as well as lineups in season. No one does this the way Mike does and it truly has become an incredible resource for fantasy baseball.

Jorge Montanez is an MLB writer for NBC Sports Edge and is the co-host for the Bases Loaded Podcast with Mike Kurland. Jorge might be one of the best fantasy writers I have ever seen. He takes complicated metrics and makes them easy to understand. If you have never read any of Jorge’s work I highly suggest you do so.

The SK Playbook Community is joined through their website They offer two pricing options of $2.99 a month or $19.99 for the year. Their membership comes with a discord chat where you can receive the following benefits: bonus AMA’s, 24/7 access to analysts, multiple sports coverage, and even MLB The Show content.

I am lucky enough to be part of their discord and the best thing about it is its wide coverage of topics. Mike and Jorge are knowledgeable in more than one fantasy sport making this discord a jack of all trades.

Link to join:

In This League

In This League is run by two of the best personalities in fantasy baseball, as they are called, The Welsh and Bogman. Two hilarious individuals who aren’t just funny but insanely knowledgable. If you love obtaining information via podcast, this is the one for you.

They provide top-notch production value, make you feel like you are part of the family, and they also bring on a ton of guests. I had the pleasure of being one of those guests and I never had so much fun on a podcast.

If you want to become part of the ITL Army their Patreon provides a few options, anywhere from $1 a month to $20 a month. These memberships will bring you the benefits of ITL Army only podcast shows, rankings, prospect rankings, GroupMe chat, and more.

Link to join:

Prospects Live

Prospects Live is known in the fantasy baseball community as one of if not the best prospect websites around. The website is run by a plethora of writers such as Mat Adams and Matt Thompson.

Their website features articles on the MLB draft, player interviews, prospect lists, YouTube videos, fantasy articles, and much more. They are essentially a one-stop shop for all things Dynasty.

Their Patreon comes with six levels ranging anywhere from $2 to $50. This includes a plethora of benefits like podcasts, early access to rankings, prospect evaluation tools, Discord, and more.

Link to join:

Michael Simione

Michael Simione

Michael Simione is the owner of He started the blog based on a Twitter account he created back in 2018. He specializes in pitching as well as streaming pitchers. He most importantly is a die-hard Mets fan.

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