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It is crazy to think that this is my final streaming article for the 2021 MLB season. I was reflecting upon some of the very first recommendations I made in my first-ever article before the season started. There were some suggestions that ended up having monster seasons (Joey Votto and Hunter Renfroe for example) but one name stands above the rest. Jay Bruce. Remember him? The streamer so bad that he retired in the middle of the season. Yikes. I think it is safe to say we have come a long way since then.

With this the final week of the season, I decided to do something special. This week this article will feature no streamers. That’s right. In the Championship week, when it matters the most, you are getting no streamers for me. How could I do that to you? I have something better than streamers. For the first time, I will be making public my projections! Projections, keep in mind, that helped us average the following for our category streamers:

2.88 R (0.18 worse than MLB average)

3.27 RBI (0.36 better than MLB average)

1.02 HR (0.19 better than MLB average)

0.53 SB (0.23 better than MLB average)

.303 AVG (.060 better than MLB average)

.353 OBP (.036 better than MLB average)

.484 SLG (.074 better than MLB average)

To access these projections in their entirety, you must simply follow this link. Using the table in the link you can sort on any column by clicking the column name once for ascending order and twice for descending. You can also filter by using the search bars at the top (Note: If you want to search for all OFs search “F”)

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