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I am feeling really good about my streamers this week, so let’s jump right in! Well… after we take a quick peek at how our streamers have done this season. I still have to prove I got the goods after the Harrison Bader fiasco two weeks ago.
2.82 R (0.22 worse than MLB average)
3.18 RBI (0.29 better than MLB average)
0.98 HR (0.16 better than MLB average)
0.46 SB (0.16 better than MLB average)
.304 AVG (.062 better than MLB average)
.353 OBP (.037 better than MLB average)
.471 SLG (.063 better than MLB average)
Stream of the Week: Brandon Belt SFG – 1B, 18% Rostered
Streaming a player who has an upcoming series in Coors is basic fantasy 101. This wee the Giants are the lucky team to get the opportunity to play a mile high. However, unlucky for us, the Giants have very few everyday players. In fact, half of the players in the lineup are in very strict platoons. As things line up right now, the Rockies will be throwing one lefty and two righties against the Giants. Thus, streaming Giants in Coors is not that smart of a move in a week where the Giants already only play six games. UNLESS you can pick up the one widely available player who actually does play every day.
Brandon Belt has spent most of the year in a platoon, so unless you have been paying close attention to the Giants you may have not realized that Belt has started paying every day. In their four games so far this week, the Giants have faced two righties and two lefties. Belt started in all four games and also hit 3rd in three of those games while hitting 2nd in the other. Further locking in Belt’s playing time, Wilmer Flores, who was Belt’s latest platoon partner just hit the IL, which should prevent the Giants the easy opportunity to reverse the decision to give Belt everyday playing time.
Bottom Line: If you are going to stream a Giant’s bat in Coors, make sure it is the only widely available player who has the chance to play in all three games – Brandon Belt.
Need Batting Average? Luis Arraez MIN – 2B, 3B, OF 23% Rostered
I am not going to spend too much time on this one because Luis Arraez is the batting average guy. It is what he does. It is sort of all he does. So me picking him, doesn’t exactly need explaining. With that being said, I like to point out the need to know information here. Such as, Arraez has become a platoon bat, only starting against righties. Thankfully, the Twins are set to face six righties in their seven games next week. You can feel confident slotting Arraez back into those lineups that are in desperate need of batting average help.
Bottom Line: Platoon bat and batting average king Luis Arraez faces six righties next week.
Need a Home Run? Austin Hays BAL – 2B, SS 25% Rostered
The Orioles play their home games in the second-most home run-friendly ballpark in the MLB. I hardly need any further explanation than that when I point to the fact the Orioles have eight games (six full-length games and a doubleheader) all in their home stadium next week. Let the home runs rain! Of course, we actually have to find a player on the Orioles who is good enough to hit home runs and is not already picked up…
If Anthony Santander is still available in your league, he is the obvious top choice. Like stop-reading-this-article-to-double-check obvious choice. If Santander is not available, I am going to take a little bit of a risk here and go with Austin Hays. I call it a risk because Roster Resource has Hays marked as a guy who is on the short side of a platoon, and I think they are probably right. This is a relatively new development for Hays who was playing every day as recently as the middle of August. It just so happens that this next week the Orioles are set to face FIVE lefties. That means, even if Roster Resource is right, and Hays has been demoted to a platoon, he still gets five starts in Camden Yards, which is more than enough games to hit himself a home run. Plus, I think it is fairly likely that Hays steals at least one start against a righty.
Bottom Line: Five games versus lefties all in Camden – Austin Hays ladies and gentlemen.
Need Stolen Bases? Bradley Zimmer CLE- OF, 4% Rostered
The theme of this article has been platoons. I have typed the word all too much already and at least once in every single section. So why stop? Let’s go with another platoon player. This time for stolen bases. I am going with Bradley Zimmer. Zimmer has stolen a base every 6.25 games this year. Since Cleveland is set to face seven righties, Zimmer should get the start in all seven games. 7 games. 6.25 games per steal. Throw on top a decent slate of opposing pitchers for stolen bases, Zimmer should have the opportunity to add to his steal total this week.
Bottom Line: Just read the paragraph. It isn’t that long!
Bonus Streaming Notes
Easiest Opposing Pitchers: Royals (easiest), Pirates, and Blue Jays
Hardest Opposing Pitchers: Rockies (hardest), Red Sox, and Marlins
Best Ballpark Schedule: Giants (best), Rockies, Orioles
Worst Ballpark Schedule: A’s (worst), Cardinals, and Mets
Best Stolen Base Schedule: Angels (best), Mets, and Cleveland
Worst Stolen Base Schedule: Rays (worst), Rangers, Yankees, and Brewers
Most Matchups Against Righties: Cleveland w/ 7, Twins w/ 6
Most Matchups Against Lefties: Orioles w/ 5; Blue Jays, A’s, and Astros w/ 4

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