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The MLB Regular Season ends on Sunday, October 3rd – so there are 17 days left before fantasy leagues are decided. These posts have been increased to twice per week to cover the Main Event more fully, due to popular demand (one person asked online how many more articles will there be).
The completed detailed analyses of all 43 Main Event leagues with accurate estimations of victory for the leading fantasy owners are in the articles over the past few weeks, so now it’s time to concentrate on the overall standings as well as keeping tabs on the league races over these last three hectic weeks.
The Overall Main Event Standings as of 9/17 (AM):
I realize this will be surprising to many, but I did a deep dive using plenty of algorithms to analyze the overall standings and this resulted in a conclusion that Philippe Dussault still leads the Main Event overall. OK, that’s not particularly newsworthy, but the size of his lead is of note. It actually has grown significantly from 37.5 on Monday morning to 103.5 Friday morning. Philippe gained 14.5 over the last four days and his closest pursuer – Emmett Ruland – fell back by 51.5. That gives Philippe a sizeable lead with 17 days left. The third-place entry – from a somewhat unknown player – (Philippe Dussault) gained 12.5 points and is now just 155 points out of second place. There’s no way that Philippe can finish one-two in the Main Event right? I mean, that really seems unfair in a way. I don’t know what way it is unfair, but I’m sure there is a way that this is unfair. I will work on researching the reason for this unfairness. Tyler Jung’s team held its 4th place position even though he dropped back by 64.5 (349.5 out of first) and he still has 3 teams in the overall top 20 (4th; 8th; and 14th). Not to be outdone, Alan Mitchell has two teams in the top 10 (5th and 7th). The top ten is rounded out with star performers Stephen Jupinka (6th); Brian Slack (9th); and Clark Olson (10th). Philippe has a total of 6132.5 points and only 5 other teams are within 500 points of that total.
There were four main risers in the top twenty over the past 4 days –
ü Stephen Jupinka 10th to 6th
ü Clark Olson 14th to 10th
ü Chris Uram 19th to 15th
ü Joe Anthony 18th to 16th
The 43 Main Event League Races as of 9/13 (AM):
The individual league races this season are also coming down to the wire, and it is no small feat to win a Main Event league. The top three in each Main Event League earn a cash prize and also deserve recognition.
According to Shrek, which leagues are Close and Which Are Far, Far Away?
Out of the 43 Main Event leagues, there are:
Ø 15 that are REALLY CLOSE (up from 14 on Monday)
Ø 12 that are STILL IN PLAY (same as Monday)
Ø 4 that are PROBABLY DETERMINED (same as Monday); and
Ø 12 that have LIKELY CHAMPS (down from 13)
REALLY CLOSE (1st/2nd within 5 points):
#990 – Abdul Madani and Steve Weimer – 3 point lead for Madani
#1132 –Rob DiPietro now leads Mike Mager by 4 & Mark Srebro by 11
#1170 – Douglas Roth leads John Pausma by 2.5
#1432 – Rick Davis leads Dave Smith by 0.5; Douglas Gruber is 4 back & Dominic Cirgliano is 6.5 from the lead
#1474 – This is the closest league of all – Lenny DiVeglio now leads by 0.5 over BOTH Samuel Horton and Uttam Rath; Andrew Geller is 1 point back & Abdul Madani is 3.5 points from first – Wow!
#1480 – KC Cha leads Jason Anthony by 2.5
#1483 – Jeff Mitseff passes both Jenny Butler and Scott Waggener; has a 0.5-point lead over Jenny and a 3-point lead over Scott
#1504 – WHOA – this one was PROBABLY DETERMINED for Jarrett Greco but Curtis Jones has caught him and it’s a flat-footed tie as of this morning! Mike Ballschmiede is also 7 points back & Chris Fessler trails by 11.5
#1563 – Re-Classified from STILL IN PLAY – this one is now REALLY CLOSE – as Abdul Madani leads Lawrence Schechter by 5 points
#1535 – John Pausma moves to the front, passing Bradley Beckman, who now trails by 1 – Kevin Grady is 4.5 back, Bradley Libros 6 behind, Aaron Jones 9.5 points from first & Leonard Ringle trails by 11
#1564 –Brian Slack moves in front – leading Isaac Cockburn by 2 – Christopher Torres by 3.5 and & Matthew Davis by 11.5
#1598 – It’s a two-man race between Scott Kotchek and Jason Aberli; with Scott leading by 1 point
#1603 –Dave Shovein moves in front of Douglas Gruber by 1, and Mark Kieffer is lurking 8.5 points off the pace
#1604 – Re-Classified from PROBABLY DETERMINED, Todd Hoppe now leads Chris Fessler by just 4.5 so it jumps all the way to REALLY CLOSE
#1616 – Another two-man show here – Clark Olson passes Chris Uram and leads by just 0.5
STILL IN PLAY (1st/2nd within 10 points):
#1341 – Jeremy Brader – this league has been re-classified from REALLY CLOSE to STILL IN PLAY, as Jeremy has opened up a 7-point lead over Daniel DaSilva
#1473 – Ron Spurgeon– this league also re-classified from REALLY CLOSE to STILL IN PLAY as Ron now has a 6-point lead over Dave Shovein
#1169 – Alan Mitchell is leading Gregg Martin by 7.5
#1430 – Clark Olson is ahead of Dalton Del Don by 7.5
#1475 – Mark Northan is in first by 7 points over David Redgrave; 8.5 over Clark Olson; and 11.5 over Dale Morgan
#1481 – Mark Srebro leads Matthew Shepherd by 6.5
#1531 – Paul Sporer has maintained a 7-point lead over Bob Mazur, with Brent Grooms now 8 points behind
#1536 – Ned Donohue has a 7.5-point margin over Richard Temkin, with Vlad Sedler 13.5 points back
#1537 – Jeff Zimmerman/Fred Zinkie lead Dalton Del Don by 8.5
#1548 – Michael Meehan leads Sammy Reid by 8; Christopher Hahn by 11; and Steve Sanchez by 13
#1600 – This one was PROBABLY DETERMINED but Stephen Jupinka’s lead is now down to 9.5 over Lawrence Schechter, so it is now STILL IN PLAY
#1602 – Joe Anthony has a 7.5-point margin over Jeff Mitseff
PROBABLY DETERMINED (1st/2nd 10-15 points):
#1508 – Re-classified from STILL IN PLAY – Mark Srebro now has built a 12-point lead over Greg Lathrop and a 16-point cushion over Joseph Morrow
#1429 – This one WAS A LIKELY CHAMP for Andrew Geller, but Tanner Bell has pushed to within 14.5 points so it is now re-classified to PROBABLY DETERMINED
#1431 – Thomas Warner leads John Pausma by 14 and Dustin Wagner by 17.5
#1642 – Re-Classified from STILL IN PLAY, this one is now PROBABLY DETERMINED – as Eric Heberlig has built a 14-point lead over Abdulaziz Madani; 15.5 over Scott Waggener & 16.5 ahead of John Pierce
LIKELY CHAMPS (over 15 point lead):
#1245 – Philippe Dussault
#1251 – Brian Slack
#1263 – Philippe Dussault
#1390 – Tyler Jung
#1479 – Douglas Roth
#1482 – Emmett Ruland
#1505 – Tyler Jung
#1506 – Philippe Dussault
#1596 – Alan Mitchell
#1597 – Tyler Jung
#1599 – Mike Rothe
#1632 – Andrew Geller
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